Your Renewal Questions Answered 2021

  • Published on: Dec 21, 2021
It's Time to Renew. Your ARIDO Renewal is Ready.

The ARIDO membership renewal deadline is fast approaching.

If you don't need assistance, you're encouraged to renew before the deadline. Click the link below to renew your membership via the Membership Gateway. Renewals are processed online and should take 15 minutes of your time.

Q: What are my options if I have lost my job?

A: For many members, renewing with the monthly payment option has been helpful for them to maintain membership in good standing by spreading the cost throughout the year. You still have until the current deadline of January 31st to renew. If you expect to be able to return to work in the short term, you can wait until closer to the deadline to decide on what you need to do.

Q: What if I am on maternity/paternity leave, dealing with a debilitating illness or injury, or returning to school full-time in 2022?

A: You can submit an application for Inactive status online through the Membership Gateway along with supporting documentation to have your membership dues reduced by 50% while you are unable to work for any of these reasons.

Q: What if I am ready to retire completely from practicing Interior Design?

A: Registered members who retire completely from practicing Interior Design can maintain Retired membership status at a significantly reduced cost. If this applies to you, submit the online application for Retired Membership through the Membership Gateway. Click here for assistance with the application.

Members who maintain membership in good standing for over 30 years are also eligible for Life membership status upon full retirement from the practice of Interior Design.

We don’t want to see your membership lapse, so please contact ARIDO to discuss your options if you need help with renewing your membership.

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