ROI Initiative

 In 2013, ARIDO launched a new initiative called ROI: Renew-Originate-Implement. The objective of the initiative is to assist an organization or charity through the improvement of an interior environment where essential services and support are being provided to Ontarians.

ROI 2018: BridgeNorth

The focus of the 2018 initiative is BridgeNorth, a registered charitable organization based in York Region, Ontario, which exists to address and prevent the unique problems faced by victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. BridgeNorth provides programs to assist with their departure and transition from the sex industry by offering direct service to women, girls, and families affected by the sex industry.

ROI 2016: Sketch

The focus of the 2016 initiative was SKETCH. SKETCH creates opportunities for young people (ages 16 to 29) living on the streets, homeless, or otherwise on the margins, to experience the transformative power of the arts. SKETCH helps them foster leadership and economic self-sufficiency through the arts to cultivate social and environmental change.

ROI 2015: Variety Village

The focus of the ROI 2015 initiative was Variety Village. Variety Village is a fitness, recreation and life skills facility focusing on expanding opportunities for active accessibility and inclusion.

Variety’s primary focus is to ensure that individuals of all abilities have equal and accessible opportunities to become active and contributing members of the community; develop and learn physical as well as social skills; obtain the support and resources necessary to achieve and maintain good health and well-being; have their physical, emotional and social needs met.

ROI 2014: Fife House

The focus of the ROI 2014 initiative was Fife House, an innovative, client-focused provider of secure and supportive affordable housing and services to people living with HIV/AIDS in the Greater Toronto Area.

ROI 2013: CAMH Archway Clinic

The goal of the ROI 2013 initiative was to enhance and improve the interior conditions of the Archway Clinic, a CAMH satellite outpatient clinic.

The enhancement of the space was needed as the existing interior space of the clinic itself was not supportive of the important and comprehensive treatment program for clients with chronic schizophrenia and other related disorders. The clinic has existed since the mid-1970s. It currently serves 369 clients with chronic mental illness and has 25 staff.