ARIDO’s Statement on Black History Month

ARIDO has recognized that throughout our tenure, we have failed to embrace the contributions of Black communities and the importance of the month of February-as Black History Month in Canada. We are committed to progressive change and doing better.

We have begun the work in identifying key areas of improvement that we can make as an organization to represent, engage and partner with Black communities and the many diverse communities we serve. Our first step is to acknowledge that the celebration of Black History should not be limited to 28 days, but must be celebrated 365 days a year.

We will hold a town hall conversation- The Power of Colour: Being Black in Design later this Spring. We are reaching out to the membership with an open call inviting those members who have an interest in participating in this panel, to do so.

As we ramp up our dive into areas of change, we encourage our members to join the conversation and the journey.

Your Renewal Questions Answered

The ARIDO membership renewal deadline of March 31st, 2021 is fast approaching.

If you don’t need assistance, you’re encouraged to renew before the deadline. Click the link below to renew your membership via the Membership Gateway. Renewals are processed online and should take 15 minutes of your time.

Q: What are my options if I have lost my job?

A: For many members, renewing with the monthly payment option has been helpful for them to maintain membership in good standing by spreading the cost throughout the year. You still have until the current deadline of March 31st to renew. If you expect to be able to return to work in the short term, you can wait until closer to the deadline to decide on what you need to do.

You may be eligible to apply for a partial subsidy of your membership dues (up to 25%) if you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID and you have not received government support in 2020. The deadline to apply is February 26th and you can request an application by emailing:

Q: What if I am on maternity/paternity leave, dealing with a debilitating illness or injury, or returning to school full-time in 2021?

A: You can submit an application for Inactive status online through the Membership Gateway along with supporting documentation to have your membership dues reduced by 50% while you are unable to work for any of these reasons.

Q: What if I am ready to retire completely from practicing Interior Design?

A: Registered members who retire completely from practicing Interior Design can maintain Retired membership status at a significantly reduced cost. If this applies to you, submit the online application for Retired Membership through the Membership Gateway. Members who maintain membership in good standing for over 30 years are also eligible for Life membership status upon full retirement from the practice of Interior Design.

We don’t want to see your membership lapse, so please contact ARIDO to discuss your options if you need help with renewing your membership.

Contact us at

ARIDO Diversity and Inclusion Committee Formed

The ARIDO Diversity and Inclusion Committee has been formed with the following mandate:
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will support ARIDO to further its continued commitment to foster and uphold diversity and inclusion in the interior design profession. ARIDO values each of its members, their qualifications, and their right to practice Interior Design in Ontario. This Committee will review all upcoming priorities and initiatives, as well as identify activities that do not currently exist, in order to determine where we can enhance and raise the association’s commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all.
The Committee will focus on four distinct areas:
  • the profession of interior design currently practicing in Ontario
  • potential or emerging designers and increasing their inclusion into the profession
  • supporting ARIDO staff within their workplace and their interactions with others
  • public education around the value of interior design services and their accessibility to clients of all needs.
The Committee’s work has begun and they will provide updates to the membership as their work progresses, along with opportunities for the membership to provide feedback.
If you have a concern or suggestion to raise with the committee, or something you want them to address, please contact one of the committee Chairs.
Golnar Raissi, co-Chair |
Mahesh Babooram, co-Chair |
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is:
Top row: Golnar Raissi, co-Chair; Mahesh Babooram, co-Chair; Lucia De Biasio, Kathryn Lawrence, Amy Pothier. Bottom row: Maia Roffey, Luipa Tamanna, Sine-Tibeb Workneh, Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff; Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff.

Danish Desire: The Enduring Influence of Danish Modern

Join leading designers, makers and educators from Canada and Denmark in an online discussion about the enduring influence of Modern Danish Design, next Saturday, January 23, 2pm-3pm EST, presented by The Royal Danish Consulate General and TORP, and part of the 2021 DesignTO Festival.


Joanne Chan, ARIDO, Principal of SDI Design, a commercial design firm that focuses on Workplace design in Toronto.
Kelly Buffey, Principal of Akb Architects, internationally recognized as one of Canada’s leading architects of private residential homes.
Peter Fleming, Head of Furniture, Sheridan College Bachelor of Craft and Design Program.
Kasper Holst Pedersen, 3rd Generation Master Cabinet Maker and CEO of PP Møbler, Denmark.
Lene Tanggaard, Rector at Design School Kolding and Professor of Psychology in the Department of Communication and Psychology at the University of Aalborg, Denmark.
Hosted by: Arne Nordtorp, Owner, TORP Inc. and Honorary Consul General to Denmark.

Visit the TORP website for more.

Adapting to Change, a virtual event for Interns

Adapting to Change Poster

2020 was a year of big changes around the world. Emerging professionals in the interior design field have experienced major shifts with layoffs, work stoppages, and changes to the busiest sectors of the field.

As part of the launch of the Intern Career Guide, the ARIDO Communications Committee is hosting a virtual panel discussion for Interns about what emerging professionals need to know to build career resilience, adapt to change across the field, and develop the necessary skills to navigate their career path.

Hear from two seasoned Interior Designers about their past experiences and what knowledge and talents have served them when faced with uncertainty and how ARIDO played a part.

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021
Registration Deadline: 20 January, 2021

Event Schedule:
5:30 PM – Welcome & Intro on Panellists

5:35 PM – 6:15 PM Discussion from Panellists

6:15 PM – 6:30 PM Q&A, Wrap Up

6:30 PM – 6:45 PM Virtual Networking in breakout rooms

Panelists: Maia Roffey, ARIDO, Black Sheep Interior Design; Tatiana Soldatova, ARIDO, Syllable Inc.

It’s time to renew your ARIDO Membership

It’s time to renew your ARIDO Membership*.

Click the link below to renew your membership via the Membership Gateway. Renewals are processed online and should take 15 minutes of your time.

As your professional Association we are committed to continue to support our members and advocate on your behalf.

In 2021, we will maintain our level of support for members; continue the work of Committees, develop and provide resources, and advocate on behalf of Interior Designers. If construction projects are halted again, ARIDO will engage with government and leverage our partnerships, as we did at the start of the pandemic, so your work can move forward.

We will keep working to provide resources and tools to help you and your business, including Best Practice Tools and BLOG//ARIDO. We will also continue our work with partners, such as WeirFoulds LLP, to create business support tools and workshops. If there’s a resource or tool you believe would be valuable, let us know.

Our members are values, and in 2021, you have our commitment to keep working for you. We look forward to continuing our work together.

*Student and Life members of ARIDO do not need to renew. Interns, Registered, Educator, Educator Registered and Retired members must renew their membership and pay dues by March 31, 2021, or will be subject to termination.

Where to find your ARIDO Benefits & Tools

ARIDO has two online platforms for members to access benefits and regulatory information. They use the same login credentials, but are not linked.

The Membership Gateway is also where you reset your password, if need be. If you encounter any issues, please email with details of the issue.

Here’s a handy list for the location of ARIDO resources and tools:

Membership Gateway

  • Membership Renewals, Receipts
  • View PD Record / Upload PD Credits (Intern/Registered Members only)
  • Update BLOG//ARIDO profile (Registered members only)
  • Event Registration
  • Apply for change in membership status (Intern to Registered etc.)
  • Apply for Inactive Status


  • Post to BLOG//ARIDO (for Registered Members)
  • Best Practice Tools
  • Post and view CEU Listings*
  • Post and view ARIDO Job Board Listings*
  • Professionalization Resource Hub
  • ‘This is what I do for a living’ marketing toolkit
  • FAQ Corner

*The ARIDO Job Board and CEU Listings are free for members to post jobs and CEU Opportunities. You must be logged in to post for free.

Call for Nominations 2021/22 ARIDO Board of Management

Call for Nominations 2021/22 ARIDO Board of Management

It’s a really interesting time to join the ARIDO Board of Management. The Board of Management develops and guides the association’s strategic direction and works to advance the profession and association provincially.

If you want to be part of shaping our collective future and take part in the decision making which guides ARIDO, maybe it’s time to apply!

ARIDO’s Nominating Committee will begin working on the slate of nominations for the 2021/22 ARIDO Board of Management. There are currently three Director positions open for the ARIDO Board of Management for the coming term along with one position for President-elect.

Registered members in good standing who are interested in putting their name forward or who wish to nominate another Registered Member will require their nomination to be seconded by three (3) other Registered members in good standing, in accordance with ARIDO’s Operating By-laws (By-law No. 1). Please click here for a copy of the nomination form.

Included with the nomination should be a short bio outlining the candidate’s practice and volunteer history. The candidate should also include a statement outlining why they wish to be considered for the ARIDO Board of Management. Please use this form.

President-elect Criteria
A candidate for President-elect must have served as an elected director on the Board of Management, a Chapter President, or as a member of an ARIDO Standing Committee or Task Force of the Association for a full term of office at least once in the 15 years prior to the date of the election.

Board Term
Elected Board Members will serve on the ARIDO Board for a three-year term.

Intern Director
One representative from the Intern membership is appointed by the Board of Management, for a period of one year and may be re-appointed annually for no more than three consecutive years. The current Intern Director position will be open for new appointment as of April 2021. Intern members interested in this position should submit a short bio outlining a brief summary about them and their volunteer history. The Intern should also include a statement outlining why they wish to be considered for the ARIDO Board of Management. Please use this form.

Diversity and Inclusion
Earlier this year, ARIDO released a statement committing to address the under-representation of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour within the interior design profession and ARIDO Board of Management. In order to establish a Board that reflects Ontario’s multicultural society more fully and further advance the association’s work to uphold equity and diversity, the Board of Management is seeking nominations of members who self-identify as part of groups which have been under-represented in the past.

This can include, but is not limited to, individuals who self-identify as:

  • Black, Indigenous or People of Colour
  • individuals with disabilities
  • individuals who identify as LGBTQIA2
  • individuals with diverse gender identities
  • New Canadians or Permanent Residents

ARIDO also recognizes that individuals may self-identify as members of multiple groups.

With greater diversity on the Board of Management, ARIDO can work towards an enhanced and elevated commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all within our profession and community.

Volunteer Commitment
The ARIDO Board of Management meets monthly, in person, or via teleconference, with additional meetings as needed.

Board Term
Elected Board Members will serve on the ARIDO Board for a three-year term.

Any members submitting a nomination should do so by Friday, December 11, 2020.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss the nominations process, please email  Irma Kemp at or phone 416-921-2127 ext. 4225.


If you’re a Registered or Intern Member expecting to take professional maternity/paternity, study, or illness leave in 2021, you may want to consider ARIDO’s Inactive status of Membership.

Inactive Membership status might be right for you if:

  • you are in good standing with ARIDO at the time of your Inactive application
  • you will not be engaging in the practice of Interior Design by reason of:

– maternity/paternity leave
– returning to school to upgrade your skills related to design or running a business
– long-term illness or injury
– or other reason approved by the ARIDO Registrar

During your year of Inactive Membership, you are not permitted to engage in the practice of interior design or use any Association designation, e.g. ‘Intern/Registered, ARIDO’ or the title Interior Designer for Registered members. You are also not entitled to vote at the AGM or Special Meetings of the Association, or hold an elected office in the Association e.g. ARIDO President, ARIDO Board of Management etc.

You must pay the required Inactive Membership dues and consult with your insurance company on the status of your professional liability insurance during this inactive period. You may be required to maintain this insurance for the protection of your clients or the Public.

Inactive Membership is detailed in the ARIDO Membership By-Law.

Apply Now in the Membership Gateway:

Complete your Inactive Membership Application now in the Membership Gateway.

Step 1) Log in with your email address and password, then click on your membership in the gray ‘Memberships’ box

Step 2) Click on ‘Registered/Intern Inactive Status Application’

Step 3) Complete the Application with your information

Title photo via Unsplash.


If you have permanently retired from interior design and are no longer practicing, but would like to remain involved with the organization, you may want to consider Retired Membership. Retired Members of ARIDO are members who have been Registered Members but are permanently retired from the practice of interior design.

The only designation Retired members may use is the designation “Retired Member, ARIDO” following their name.

As a Retired member, you may not vote at the ARIDO AGM or Special Meetings of the Association. You are not required to complete PD, and you may not work in any capacity related to interior design, i.e. consulting on projects, giving professional advice, etc.

More information on the Retired Membership Category is available in the ARIDO Membership By-Law.

Complete your Retired Membership Application in the Membership Gateway.

Step 1) Log in with your email address and password. Click on ‘Memberships’ in the gray box

Step 2) Click on ‘Registered Retirement Application’

Step 3) Complete the Application with your information.