ARIDO Standards and Enforcement

Ethics and Professional Standards
ARIDO members are bound by a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards. Adherence to the Code of Ethics and Practice Standards by ARIDO Members confirms to the industry and to the public that ARIDO members are committed to higher standards than non-members. Where a member's conduct is in question and if either the Code of Ethics or Practice Standards are violated, the member in question may be brought before the Complaints and/or Discipline Committees. Members' compliance with the Code of Ethics ensures a consistent level of integrity and professionalism in all business relationships and it distinguishes ARIDO members.

The focus of ethics in the interior designer's field of practice is to ensure the public interest is protected in terms of health and safety issues and financial matters. 

Ethics and Professional Standards Enforcement
ARIDO has complaint and discipline procedures in place which are outlined within ARIDO By-laws. Any individual who alleges misconduct on behalf of an ARIDO member can file a complaint. All complaints must be made in writing and submitted to ARIDO in order to initiate the formal complaints procedures.

Once a written complaint is received in writing, the ARIDO member is provided with a copy of the complaint and provided an opportunity to respond to the complaint in writing. The Complaints Committee will then review the full file and will determine if the complaint warrants further investigation, is frivolous or vexatious in nature or if the matter should be mediated.

Where the Complaints Committee finds that the complaint warrants further investigation, it is referred to the Discipline Committee for a formal hearing.

The Discipline Committee is composed of experienced interior designers who hear submissions from the Registrar and from the designer before making a decision on whether the designer has acted professionally.

The current complaints written procedures are in place to, first and foremost, investigate a complaint about a member's conduct. Where a member is found to be in breach of the ARIDO Code of Ethics and/or Practice Standards, sanctioning could occur in the form of a letter of caution, letter of reprimand and suspension or revocation of ARIDO membership, to name a few.

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ARIDO By-Law Number 4: Complaints and Discipline Procedure By-Law Standards of Practice

Public Guidelines ARIDO Complaints Process

ARIDO Complaints Form