We’re happy you’re considering an ARIDO membership.

There are several different categories of membership. Each has specific qualification criteria, as well as ongoing requirements to maintain the membership.

In order to be granted an ARIDO membership as a Registered member, applicants must meet the minimum standards of qualification as established by ARIDO.

ARIDO Membership runs from January to December each year, with membership dues established on an annual basis and pro-rated for new members where applicable.

Membership Categories

Intern Competencies Review System (ICRS) - the alternative pathway into ARIDO Membership

The Alternative Pathway into ARIDO Membership is through the Intern Competencies Review System (ICRS) for applicants that did not graduate from a CIDA accredited Interior Design program.

Applicants will be required to submit a book of evidence-based on a prescribed set of competencies, consisting of evidence(s) from relevant work experience and/or education/training to prove they meet the minimum education competencies required for Intern membership.

Read more on the ICRS Page.

Membership Benefits

Learn about the membership benefits and resources.

For more information about the membership application process or to check the status of your application, please contact