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Visit Blog//ARIDO to find a qualified Interior Designer in Ontario. Only registered ARIDO members can use the title Interior Designer in Ontario. In fact, it’s against the law to use the title if you have not met ARIDO’s standards. Registered Interior Designers have met and continues to maintain a high level of qualifications and standards.


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Why should I hire a Registered Interior Designer?

Hiring a qualified Interior Designer for a project is an important step, no matter the size or budget, whether you are renovating an existing space or building a new one. ARIDO Registered Interior Des ...

ARIDO | Sep 17 2020


History and place dictated the eclectic redesign of an East End icon

The new Broadview Hotel has come a long way from its former lives as a factory, a boarding house and then "Jilly's" - an infamous seedy nightclub. Now, the east end landmark is a chic 58-roo ...

Allen Chan | Sep 15 2020


A rustic industrial palette stylizes the modern office without replicating a chicken coop

The brand-new head office of Chicken Farmers of Canada, located in the nation’s capital, is a work environment quite atypical of the usual office vista. As leaders of the sustainable C ...

Sarah Oakley | Sep 10 2020