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Luxury with a view

Sometimes the shape of a room dictates the furniture and millwork layout. In the case of our Esplanade project, the open living, kitchen, and dining room had an unbelievable view of Toronto with the w ...

Luca Campacci | Dec 01 2023


A Space Built on a Collaborative Approach to Design

In embracing post-pandemic design requirements, our client, International Research Development Centre (IDRC), assembled a group of employees to work closely with LWG to create a successful c ...

Bryan Wiens | Nov 06 2023


Taking colour and pattern to build a world of whimsy

Our clients, a young fun couple, loved the layout of their new condo located in the epicentre of culture and nightlife in downtown Toronto, but they were not in love with the boring and cookie cutter ...

Cori Halpern | Nov 03 2023