As the only organization for Interior Designers in Ontario, we have a rich history.

We began as the Society of Interior Decorators of Ontario in 1934, later renamed as Interior Designers of Ontario.

With the passing of the ARIDO act by the Ontario Legislature in 1984 we officially became ARIDO, the Association of Registered Interior Designers. The act was amended by the passing of Bill Pr6 in 1999 to grant Registered Members who meet ARIDO standards exclusive use of the title Interior Designer in Ontario.

By giving legal standing to the designation of Interior Designer, the government bestows on the title a measure of respect and recognizes the high standards of education, training, and formal examination that professional interior designers meet.

It’s important to know that it is against the law in Ontario for anyone who is not a Registered Member of the Association to use the designation Interior Designer or ARIDO. In this way, consumers can rest assured that members are fully qualified and possess the most current qualifications. 

As a professional body, our mandate is to regulate the interior design profession in Ontario for the betterment of the profession and in the best interests of the public. ARIDO sets standards for admission into membership, including education and experience standards, Practice Standards, professional development requirements as well as adherence to a Code of Ethics and Practice Standards.

There are more than 1,800 Registered and Intern members, representing every area of specialty including corporate, residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare and institutional. The Association has a total membership of over 3,300 members in Registered, Intern, Educator and Student categories.

Our Mission

To protect the public and support excellence in design by regulating the Interior Design profession in Ontario.

Our Vision

Governments, stakeholders, and the public recognize Interior Designers in Ontario as highly competent, qualified professionals who have met rigorous education, experience, and examination standards.

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