ARIDO Award: Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Canadian Headquarters

Boston Consulting Group‘s new Canadian headquarters embody their mission through experiential installations which highlight their culture and brand.

Interior Designers: Caitlin Turner, ARIDO; Kristina Kamenar, ARIDO
Design Firm: HOK
Design Team: Jenna Walsh, ARIDO; Brittany Tod, ARIDO

Photographer: Klassen Photography and Karl Hipolito

The design team created an iconic three-story atrium which fosters a sense of belonging and creates the “wow” factor sometimes missing in typical office design.

Across from the atrium is an installation of company milestones in oak and brass, signalling the significance of BCG’s place in Canada. The installation takes pride of place and connects the team to the past while simultaneously inspiring future possibilities.

installation of company milestones in oak and brass, signalling the significance of BCG’s place in Canada

Circadian lighting, acoustic treatments, and flexible furniture options cater to the diverse needs of staff, particularly their neurodiverse population.

Lounge seating area flexible furniture. A black feature wall with detail and modern minimalist linear lighting above

Get a perfect smile in style

The airy Scandinavian aesthetic with overlaid elements of warmth in this Kanata dental office, focuses on using designs that convey our client’s modern approach to dentistry.  The interior is saturated with a sensibility that is both professional and inviting, making this office feel anything but clinical and sterile.

Interior Designer: Serina Fraser, ARIDO

Design Team: Rebecca James

Design Firm: Clear Interior Design

Photographer: Urszula Muntean Photography

View of the reception desk from the waiting area. Desk is done in marble and wood combination of materials and a wooden slats detail above, and a textured wood detail on the wall behind.

The public spaces within the interior — reception area and paths of travel — were designed to let in natural light, with the main access corridor moved to the outside wall to offer a light-filled pathway to four treatment rooms. 

Waiting area featuring an L shaped wood detail to create a screen like effect between the front window and reception/waiting area. Above are hanging several black triangular light pendants

A clever L-shaped maple screen separates the space while encouraging transparency, and serves a dual purpose as a graceful method for hanging the clinic’s signage in the front window.

The elegant reception area is a focal point with elevated finishes, inclusive of a custom reception desk , backed with a millwork feature wall. It is here that the designers bring the geometric motif into play, a cohesive theme that continues throughout.

Two adjacent predominantly white treatment rooms with wood finish flooring that adds warmth to the space

The treatment rooms possess an appealing and pleasing aesthetic with clean finishes and warm LED lighting. These private spaces maintain the same aesthetic present throughout the clinic through the clever use of cost effective materials and the repetition of geometric design motifs first encountered in the reception area.

A little wet bar to serve coffee and drink to clients. Bottom cabinets are in light wood finish and top cabinets is white, with a warm gray countertop

Our team of designers used their expertise in institutional and residential construction to maximize the budget for finishings.

Being a dental office, the space needs to meet certain technical requirements. The designers carefully selected materials, furniture and equipment to meet the client’s specific needs. The functional rooms, including a lab, sterilization room, and kitchenette, are zoned into private spaces at the back end of the clinic.

Clean white millwork in the lab and sterilization room