Your Feedback is Needed: New Proposed Communities Model

Your Feedback is Needed: New Proposed Communities Model

In recent years, ARIDO has committed to advancing to a more inclusive, diverse, and accessible organization. This focus is in addition to ARIDO’s focus as a regulatory body which sets and enforces standards for the profession of interior design in the interest of public safety and consumer protection.

As ARIDO continues to evolve, it is essential that all aspects of the organization align with this direction, including the local Chapters.

In 2022, ARIDO established an Advisory Group composed of ARIDO leadership and Chapter representatives to begin the conversation around updating this direction. The Advisory Group met to discuss the current format, existing gaps, and opportunities for an enhanced model to establish a more inclusive community for all.

Communities Model Discussion Document

From these meetings, ARIDO has produced a Discussion Document which details the scope and nature of the feedback from chapters. It also proposes a new Communities Model to better engage members locally and integrate local advocacy in advancement of ARIDO’s mandate.

Next Steps – Comment Period

ARIDO’s chapters are currently established and governed by ARIDO Chapter By-Law No. 5 which dictates how the chapters are formed, how they operate, as well as chapter roles and responsibilities, and governance by ARIDO.

ARIDO is now seeking your feedback and comments on this model by January 19, 2023.

All feedback will be reviewed by the Advisory Group in order to integrate changes according to the project schedule. The final Communities proposal will be presented to the Board of Management in December and is on track to be voted on by ARIDO Registered members at the 2024 ARIDO Annual General Meeting in March.

Any questions regarding the proposed model or the comment period, can be directed to Sharon Portelli, Executive Director and Registrar at