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  • Change Request Form to better document changes with clients (Fillable PDF / Word Doc)
  • Claim Incident Report Form which allows insureds to fully document the incident which is helpful for us and the insurer. (Excel Doc)

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 PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection has partnered with ARIDO to develop a comprehensive set of insurance programs to protect you from the unique risks you face. ARIDO and PROLINK have advocated for your personal and professional insurance needs with a network of insurers, to ensure that you’ll benefit from superior protection at unparalleled rates. No matter where you’re coming from, or how complex your needs, you can trust PROLINK to guide you to the right coverage from the right insurer at the right price.


 At PROLINK, we can help you feel confident that you have the right protection, should something occur. How do we accomplish that?

We Believe In Personal Relationships

We value knowing you and taking the time to understand your unique situations so that we can provide you with genuine advice and follow-through. Our named, dedicated advisors will take a holistic view of your lives and explain all of your coverages and potential exposures, so that you can make educated decisions.

We Have Over 30 Years Of Experience.

As a result, we’ve seen insurance from every perspective: from home to auto to commercial to life. Wherever you’re coming from, and whatever you need, we’re your one-stop-insurance-shop. You can depend on us for the protection you require.

We Represent A Network Of Insurers.

We know their strengths, their weaknesses, how they’ll assess you as a risk, and how they’ll treat you in the event of a claim. Plus, as one of Canada’s largest national brokerages, we have the buying power and influence required to advocate for you and your needs with the various insurers.

We Work For You, Not The Insurer.

As an independent insurance brokerage, we are not obligated to sell you on a particular insurer. Instead, we’ll evaluate the available offerings and the discounts you are eligible for, to bring you solutions to best fit your life.

Professional Liability Insurance

As a Professional Interior Designer, your job requires you to make decisions that have the potential to impact your clients’ environment, budgets, schedules, and more. And when your clients are happy, it’s great for business. Unfortunately, clients can be fickle. Even if your project is on-time, to-budget, and executed as planned, they may see it otherwise.

A quick search will show that the allegations against professionals these days are endless and expensive. Once you’ve been named, things get costly—although you may not be at fault. You may believe that you can protect your personal assets against claims by simply incorporating your business. But incorporated business owners are corporate directors and can still be held responsible for sizeable expenses. To be truly protected, you need Professional Liability insurance.

At PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection we want you to feel free to do your job without worrying about your professional exposures. So we’ve partnered with ARIDO to develop a customized professional insurance program that addresses the specific risks faced by Interior Designers.

Our comprehensive and regulatory-compliant insurance program will:

  • Protect against alleged claims or lawsuits brought against you;
  • Pay legal defence costs and compensatory damages if you are found liable.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Your business is complex and full of moving parts. And we can all appreciate the fact that accidents happen. Unfortunately, an ugly incident with a drill, a mishap with one of your many third party suppliers, or something as simple as a slip and fall, could leave you liable for damages of a sum that would surprise you.

Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance protects you in the case of claims made as a result of third party injuries or property damage. It’s a crucial risk-management strategy for any business. Even clients and landlords are increasingly requesting independent professionals and business owners to have CGL in place before willingly engaging in any type of contract.

At PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection we can help you protect yourself from such claims and meet client demands with our CGL policy, tailored to the unique needs of Professional Interior Designers.

  • Coverage for third-party injuries and property damage;
  • Standard coverage for:
    • Tenant’s Legal Liability (critical when you lease space);
    • Employer’s Liability;
    • Voluntary Compensation; and
    • Non-Owned Automobile Coverage.

Property Insurance

Every business—including the simplest of home offices—owns stuff. And if any type of loss resulting from accidents, crime, or other circumstances were to occur, you likely wouldn’t be covered under any other type of insurance you currently carry. You may believe your business doesn’t actually have enough value to warrant additional protection. But if for example your computer was damaged resulting in significant data loss, could you continue to run your business uninterrupted?

You need a broker who will take the time to carefully audit your office contents, making sure that all of your business property, equipment, software, and furnishings are protected.

At PROLINK, we will explain all of your potential exposures to help ensure that you are adequately protected, should something occur. As an added benefit, on behalf of ARIDO, we’ve negotiated comprehensive coverage for your business property at unparalleled rates.

  • Equipment taken on the road
  • Theft and physical losses;
  • Business interruption costs and lost income;
  • Flood and sewer back-up;
  • And more!

Home and Auto Insurance

As an Interior Designer, you’ve likely invested a lot of time and effort into making your home perfect. Often, your job requires you to be mobile, travelling to client sites, various suppliers, and all over the place. That usually involves a car. And in your rare moments of downtime, you relax. You’d never spend a minute thinking about all of the ways life can be disrupted if your home or your car suddenly experienced extensive damage.

Unfortunately, on any given day, someone could slam into your car during the morning commute, or your basement could flood causing thousands of dollars of damage. What will you do then?

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At PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection it’s our job to worry about which coverages you need and which risks you face so that you don’t have to. With over 30 years of experience and access to a network of insurers, we can offer you a choice of insurance solutions, price points, and other benefits. Wherever you’re coming from, and whatever you need—we’ve been there and done that. You can depend on us for the protection you require.

Plus, as a member of ARIDO, you can receive up to 25% off your Home and Auto Insurance. Contact PROLINK for a no-obligation quote today!

Life Insurance

Most people don’t like to think about Life Insurance. That’s because it’s a complex coverage that only activates as a result of an insured person’s death due to natural or accidental causes. It can be painful to imagine all that would come to pass in the event of one’s death—even for a split second. We can appreciate that.

But if something were to happen to you, could your family or loved ones recover financially without feeling a serious strain on their assets? A rich Life policy can help them get back on their feet, should something occur.

So pass the pain over to us. At PROLINK, we will take the time to understand you, your needs and your family. Then, we will offer you a best-fit solution for you and those you care about that is affordable and offers the long-term protection you and they will require.

Health and Dental Insurance

f you are an independent professional, you probably don’t have access to traditional employee benefits like Health, Dental, and Drug coverage. And yet, you’re still susceptible to the same health problems as anyone else.

Expensive treatments, prescriptions, and high-cost dental work always seem to pop up when you’re least expecting them. And when these unpredictable events occur, they also come with a serious potential to derail your budget. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

By purchasing your plan through PROLINK—Canada’s Insurance Connection, you’d be part of the pool of members not only across ARIDO but across all of the associations that we represent. That means access to lower rates.

Our plans cover Health, Vision, Dental, and Drugs, and can get you access to 15 Paramedical services such as Massage, Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and more. Plus if you or a family member needs something like an expensive prescription or high-cost dental work, the plan covers you through the pool.

To learn more, contact PROLINK today. We will take the time to understand you, your needs, and your family, and offer you an affordable solution that fits your life, perfectly.