June 2019 Joint Communique from ARIDO and the OAA

Click here to read the update on ARIDO's work with the OAA.


Below are several resources available to help inform members stay informed of the negotiations with the OAA:


ARIDO recorded the June 2018 webinar about the "Model #1 - Direct Regulation", click here to view the recording.

June 2018 Special Meeting of the Members

Click here to watch the June 2018 Special Meeting of the Members on the Models and vote regarding Professionalization.

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June 2019 - Joint Communique from ARIDO and OAA

Letter from the ARIDO Board of Management

ARIDO and OAA Infographic

ARIDO and OAA Comparison Chart

Model #1 – Direct Regulation Discussion Document

Model #1 – Direct Regulation – Recorded Webinar

Model #1 – Direct Regulation – Panel Discussion Video

Importance of the vote on June 18

Protected Interior Design Scope

Discussion Document - Survey Results

ARIDO and OAA Joint Communication - July Release