ARIDO Update | July 2020

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Professionalization Update – July 2020
Prior to the COVID-19 shutdown in mid-March 2020, ARIDO and the OAA continued their work towards connecting with Ontario government in an effort to obtain feedback on the proposed Direct Regulation Model.
The two organizations were successful in securing several meetings with provincial government as follows to provide further information to the Policy Advisors assigned to this file in the following areas:

  • Attorney General’s office on February 24, 2020;
  • Premier’s office on March 5, 2020; and
  • Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on March 11, 2020

Understanding that provincial government’s primary focus would be on public safety surrounding the pandemic and mitigating the risks associated with it, we have remained in communication with our government contacts during the shutdown.
With Phase 3 now opening in many regions across Ontario, we believe it may be time to continue work on this file. The ARIDO/OAA Joint Task Force will reconvene in August in an attempt to refocus our work and regroup post the COVID-19 shutdown. We will keep the membership informed of progress as we move forward.

BLOG//ARIDO Bootcamp – Starts this August!

It’s summer and maybe you have some time for a few things that have been on the back burner? Join in a series of 4 small challenges during August to get your BLOG//ARIDO profile updated, and get started with posting your content on the blog.

Writing and research are both eligible activities for ARIDO professional development credits, so you could earn a credit for either one if you complete the Bootcamp. (Maximum 2 credits per cycle)

Starting August 5th, Communications Coordinator Ali Moenck, will also be hosting four 20 minute ‘group power ups’ on Zoom for bootcamp participants each Wednesday during the challenge. Get ideas and pointers on your challenge, hear from other members, and have extra support to get you going in no time flat!

By completing your BLOG//ARIDO profile and posting work to the blog, you help showcase the true scope of work interior designers carry out on a daily basis, and grow the public’s understanding of what an Interior Designer really does.

Learn about the 2020-21 ARIDO Committees and their membership

In addition to ARIDO’s long standing committees on membership, communications etc., several new committees have been struck for the 2020/21 year to address ARIDO’s current priorities and focuses. These committees will support the ARIDO Board’s 2020/2021 Strategic Plan.

Practice Advisory Committee
New for 2020 is a Practice Advisory Committee whose focus will be to ensure that the profession and the practice of interior design is better understood for its value, scope of work, and to create a knowledge base so the public and industry know when to engage a Registered Interior Designer.
The Practice Advisory Committee will support ARIDO members and further the work of the Provincial Advocacy Committee. This Committee will serve as practitioner-based advisors to the membership and staff, wherein they will provide guidance and direction related to matters impacting interior design practices and any issues that may need to be addressed. This Committee will also assume any advocacy efforts on behalf of the profession that do not involve public education and awareness initiatives. Examples of their workplan for 2020 will include:

  • Supporting ARIDO’s work with Provincial Government in relation to the government’s Action Plan for Vulnerable Ontarians in the following areas:
    • Affordable Housing;
    • Ontarians living with developmental disabilities
    • Shelters for gender-based violence and human trafficking
    • Children’s residential services (welfare system)
    • Indigenous (both on and off reserve)
  • COVID-19 related practice tools for ARIDO members:
  • Ontario Building Code Reference Guide, which will include an illustrative guide and OBC Matrix for interior design.

Practice Advisory Committee members are:

David Gibbons, Chair
Sheri Crawford
Cori Halpern
Heather Sarna
Kelly Stobbe
Michelle Mawby
Susan Brewster
Janine Grossmann
Danielle Campbell
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff

Diversity and Inclusion Committee
The Diversity and Inclusion Committee will support ARIDO to further its continued commitment to foster and uphold diversity and inclusion in the interior design profession. ARIDO values each of its members, their qualifications, and their right to practice Interior Design in Ontario. This Committee will review all upcoming priorities and initiatives, as well as identify activities that do not currently exist, in order to determine where we can enhance and raise the association’s commitment to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion for all.

The Committee will focus on four distinct areas:

  1. the profession of interior design currently practising in Ontario
  2. potential or emerging designers and increasing their inclusion into the profession
  3. supporting ARIDO staff within their workplace and their interactions with others
  4. public education around the value of interior design services and it’s accessibility to clients of all needs.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Members are:
Golnar Raissi, co-Chair
Mahesh Babooram, co-Chair
Amy Pothier
Grace Taylor
Kathryn Lawrence
Lucia De Biasio
Luipa Tamanna
Maia Roffey
Priscille H Joseph
Sine-Tibeb Workneh
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff

ARIDO Awards Task Force

The Task Force will undertake a review of the current ARIDO Awards Program to determine its relevancy to the practice of interior design today and identify areas of improvement. A new, improved awards program will launch in April 2021. Their work will focus on reviewing the current Awards Program including:

  • Criteria to qualify as a designated entrant
  • Award categories
  • Judging criteria and process
  • Project considerations such as completion date, budget and project size
  • Guidelines for submission
  • Submission fees

Awards Task Force members are:

Lucia De Biasio, Chair
Tatiana Soldatova
Andrew Gallici
Bryan Chartier
Bryan Stone
Donna Dolan
Isabelle Talbot
Maia Roffey
Neal Prabhu
Paul DaCunha
Robert Reid
Victoria Horobin
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff

Board of Governors Task Force – IDC

The Task Force will undertake a review of the current relationship between ARIDO and IDC to determine how the two organizations can work together moving forward, for the betterment of the profession.
IDC Task Force members are:

Sheri Crawford, Chair
Allan Guinan
Franca Rezza
Joe Pettipas
Sue Bennett
Theo West Parks
Vicki Horobin
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff

Committees Returning in 2020:

Provincial Advocacy Committee

The Provincial Advocacy Committee will focus on activities that align with and work to achieve the desired goals of Provincial Advocacy Pillar. ARIDO members have voiced their concerns about external communication with the general public and the need to educate the pubic around the scope of interior design and importance of the role that the profession plays. This committee will guide the communications staff, on maintaining a public campaign and building recognition of the profession within the design and construction industry.

Provincial Advocacy Committee Members are:

Adrian Berry, Chair
Roberta Diachok
Jeremy Cheff
Melissa Tossell
Robert Reid
Vitorhya Shields
Svetlana Pihut
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Ali Moenck, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee will focus on internal communication activities that align with and work to achieve the desired goals of Communication Pillar. This includes advising the Board on the most effective way to communicate internally to existing members at ALL levels. It is expected that this Committee will liaise and consult with other committees as needed, in the delivery of communication about member value, existing member benefits and offerings, and other initiatives the Committee may deem appropriate. It is the objective of this Committee to build upon existing strategies deployed to date and recommend/develop new approaches to maximize the benefit to all members.

Members of the Communications Committee are:

Jordan Fang, Co-Chair
Golnar Raissi, Co-Chair
Dolores Pian
Olga Evstifeeva
Maha Dahroug
Brooke Anderson
Mohamad Ayoun
Katherine McNabb
Ali Moenck, ARIDO staff

Intern Committee

The Intern Committee will focus on activities that align with and work to achieve the desired goals of Membership Pillar. A primary focus of recruitment and retention is to continuously explore and maintain proactive and innovative membership engagement. This includes maintaining existing programming and implementing new programming that supports the future generation of ARIDO membership.

Members of the Intern Committee are:
Jordan Fang, Chair
Golnar Raissi
Katherine Locker
Leah Brown
Merissa Reed
Carley Berko
Tara Wilhelm
Melissa Munroe
Linda Bischoff
Sandra Noble, ARIDO staff

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee will focus on activities that align with and work to achieve the desired goals of Membership Pillar. This Committee will focus on ARIDO’s membership growth, not only with students and Interns, but also by advising the Board of Management with ways to bring back past members who may have left ARIDO. It is expected that this Committee will keep abreast of any internal communication initiatives by the Communications Committee that could leverage recruitment efforts.

Members of the Membership Committee are:
Jennifer King
Darryl Baliski
Vivian Lo
Janny Do
Viz Saraby
Olga Haliuk
Dana Seguin
Sandra Noble, ARIDO staff

ARIDO-OAA Joint Task Force

The Professionalization Task Force will focus on activities that align with and work to achieve the desired goals of Professionalization Pillar. Within the 2020/21 Strategic Plan, the Professionalization Pillar will focus on the continued lobbying with applicable government branches and ministries to obtain support in moving the Direct Regulation Model forward. The Task Force will continue to provide experience and to work in an advisory capacity to the existing ARIDO Board related to the development work of the OAA direct regulation model.

Members of the ARIDO OAA Joint Task Force are:
Lucia DeBiasio
David Gibbons
Sheri Crawford
Nadia Kuhni
Daniel Long
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff

Finance Committee

The purpose of the Finance Committee is to assist the Board of Management in fulfillment of its legal, ethical and fiscal responsibilities related to the financial health and sustainability of the organization. This is done through adequate finance policy development for Board approval, participation in the research and development of financial, budget and investment strategies, monitoring of finance activities, and working with the staff, external auditors and financial advisors as needed.

Members of the Finance Committee are:
Daniel Long
Jennier Warling
Karin Crawford
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff

Career Xpress Committee
Committee Objectives:

  • Help to expand this benefit of Student membership by providing Portfolio Prep and Review events to regions outside the GTA.
  • Further engagement of Student, Educator, and Chapter members in regions outside of the GTA.
  • Opportunity for designers to be part of local events benefiting the future of the industry.

Shannon MacLean, Isabelle Talbot, Murray G. Allen-Brousseau, Bifeng Lin, James Knapton, Jackie Cooper, Leah Lorentz, Jocelyn Lucan, Lauren Hylands, Cassandra Haire, Katelyn Vahi, Laura Prete, Nicole Wilson, Akinyemi Bammeke, Carolyn St. Michel, Cassandra Christman, Michael Salerno, Mirna Aodesh, Kim Bartnik, Rachel Morris, Ying Yang, Nassila Oudahmane, Maegan Rose Mehler, Michelle Lan, Nicolas Burbano Diaz, Qiuyu Qian, Shaiye Laurente, Bhairovi Patel, Isabel Reynolds, Kailey Kovacs, Armaan Mohamed, Janny Do, Leticia Maciel, Luipa Tamanna, Parastoo Hafezalkotob, Syrine Bel Hadj Ali, Maya Vnukovsky; ARIDO staff

Property Committee
David Gibbons, Chair
Tatiana Soldatova
Daniel Long
Neal Prabhu
Sharon Portelli, ARIDO staff
Irma Kemp, ARIDO staff
Maya Vnukovsky, ARIDO staff

NRR Scholarship Committee
clinton hummel
Theo West Parks
Irka Dyczok
Anne Carlyle
Sandra Noble, ARIDO staff

New Grads, Apply Now for Intern Membership before September 1st!
If you graduated this past spring, and haven’t yet applied for ARIDO Intern membership yet, what are you waiting for?

Submit your Intern membership application before September 1, 2020 to maintain free ARIDO membership for the remainder of 2020. Discounted Intern status membership fees would apply in the first year 2021 only $7.47 / month.
There are many benefits to being an ARIDO Intern:

  • Authorized use of the designation “Intern Member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario” or “Intern, ARIDO
  • Access to the free mentorship program to provide support and guidance for your career path
  • Access to the ARIDO Job Board
  • Access to practice management tools and resources
  • Monthly e-newsletter featuring social networking events, awards and regulatory updates
  • Volunteer opportunities in 2021 on Task Forces and ARIDO Committees
  • Discounts on liability and E&O insurance / home and auto
  • A Voice – an opportunity to have your voice heard at our AGM

GTA Chapter Scholarship Awarded!

Congratulations to Nancy Phan, Student ARIDO, of Humber College, the recipient of the 2020 GTA Chapter Scholarship!

Nancy's portfolio was chosen among 23 entries as the best personal branding package. She will receive $1,000 towards her studies. Congratulations Nancy!

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Get involved with DesignTO!

There are several opportunities to get involved with DesignTO next year!

DesignTO Projects
Deadline: Friday, September 25, 2020|DesignTO Projects are exhibitions and events curated and executed by the Festival.

For 2021, there are three calls for submission:

  • Symposium: ‘Towards Inclusive Design’, this half-day event invites designers and thinkers to explore how we can design for inclusivity.
  • Thematic Exhibition: ‘Exchange Piece’, a cross-disciplinary group exhibition that seeks to explore collaboration as an act of care. It is constructed around an exchange and conversation between early career and senior artists and designers.
  • Prototype Exhibition: ‘Work/Life’, a group exhibition that explores fresh and original housewares and working products for contemporary life.

Independent Projects
Deadline: Friday, October 9, 2020 (apply by Aug 31 for early bird rates)
Independent Projects are exhibitions, events (e.g. tours, talks, workshops), and window installations that are wholly created and executed by an individual or organization during the DesignTO Festival at a venue of their choice. This year, we also have a digital project category.
Click here to find out more and apply.

Venue-Designer Matchmaking Program
Guest Designer: Rolling deadline, with final applications due September 14, 2020
Let us be your matchmaker! Through the Venue-Designer Matchmaking Program, DesignTO pairs designers with a venue to host their project during the Festival.
Click here to learn more about the program. The Call for Guest Designers will be released on July 20, 2020.

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