ARIDO Mentorship Program

This ARIDO Mentorship Program pairs Registered members and Interns to support the skill development of Interns. Interns are mentored in subjects such as NCIDQ exam support, professional practices, networking and more. Mentees who need a sponsor for their Supervised Work Experience hours can be matched with a Mentor to review their work and sign-off on Mentees hours as part of mentorship.

The Mentorship Program is now virtual!

As of 2020, ARIDO has secured a user-friendly, customizable software program specifically designed for professional mentorship. It enables engaging and interactive online meetings, goal setting and tracking to support and facilitate the objectives of a mentorship relationship.

As part of participating, Mentors and Mentees may also claim up to 2 hours towards their ARIDO Professional Development credits.

The ARIDO Mentorship Program begins recruiting in April. Keep an eye out for emails and promotion to participate.

Feedback from the 2020 Mentorship Program:

"Feedback and comments from my mentor on material that I wanted her to review was well thought-out and thorough."

"The mentor match was great as my mentor and I shared a lot of professional interests and career goals and direction."

"When studying for Practicum exam, I needed people to share their work experience to make the studying more relatable. My mentor understood my needs and shared her work experience which was connected to the subject matter I was studying that week. She always gave me clear answers to my questions so I could visualize the information. Visualizing means it is stamped in the brain and it won't be forgotten. Prior to the exam, her encouragement helped to calm down the stress."