This year’s Awards Gala was a fun hybrid event with a livestreamed ceremony hosted by Jennifer Valentyne. The ARIDO community gathered in satellite events around the province in industry showrooms and offices to celebrate the 17 winning projects.

The Gala was also the closing event of the new Interior Design Week event organized by ARIDO to elevate our community, promote collaboration, and showcase excellence in Interior Design.

The 2022 ARIDO Awards categories were LIVE, LIVE TOGETHER, GATHER + PLAY, and SHOP, as well as CRAFT, DISTINCT, and PRESERVE + RESTORE, the annual categories.

Congratulations to all the winners!


    1. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Lobby and Entrance

      Interior Designer: Valerie Gow, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Gow Hastings Architects
      Joint Venture: Two Row Architect

      Photographer: Tom Arban



    1. Charlotte Street Penthouse

      Interior Designers: Kelly Cray, ARIDO; Neil Jonsohn, ARIDO; Jennifer Welsh, ARIDO
      Design Firm: U31

      Photographer: Gillian Jackson

    1. Modern Simplicity

      Interior Designer: Jeffrey Douglas, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Douglas Design Studio

      Photographer: Patrick Biller

    1. Ravine House

      Interior Designer: Dana Kosich, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Hiatus Design Ltd.
      Design Team: Carol-Ann Blackburn, ARIDO; Kelly Breiter, ARIDO; Megan Moffatt, ARIDO

      Photographer: Lauren Miller

    1. ShadowBox

      Interior Designer: Johnson Chou, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Johnson Chou

      Photographer: Ben Rahn

    1. Windfield

      Interior Designers: Melissa Franklin, ARIDO; Stephanie Duncan, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Madison Taylor

      Photographer: Niamh Barry Photography


    1. 411 Church (Amenity Spaces)

      Interior Designer: Dominic DeFreitas, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Figure3

      Photographer: Steve Tsai Photography

    1. 99 Gerrard

      Interior Designers: Julie Sumairski, ARIDO; Caroline Robbie, ARIDO
      Design Firm: BDP Quadrangle
      Design Team: Lindsay Brown, ARIDO; Kim Phan, Intern, ARIDO

      Photographer: Adrien Williams

    1. Clock Tower Lofts

      Interior Designer: Tania Bortolotto, ARIDO
      Design Firm: BORTOLOTTO

      Photographer: Tom Arban (Exterior), Shai Gil (Interior and Canopy)

    1. SQ2

      Interior Designers: Kelly Cray, ARIDO; Neil Jonsohn, ARIDO; Margaret Stagg, ARIDO
      Design Firm: U31
      Design Team: Christina Yoo, ARIDO

      Photographer: Jac Jacobson

    1. Trailside Presentation Centre

      Interior Designer: Dominic DeFreitas, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Figure3
      Design Team: Nadine Burdak, ARIDO; Megan Hayward, Intern, ARIDO

      Photographer: Steve Tsai Photography

    1. York Condos

      Interior Designers: Andrea Hall, ARIDO, Caroline Robbie, ARIDO
      Design Firm: BDP Quadrangle
      Design Team: Victoria McGlade, ARIDO

      Photographer: Adrien Williams


    1. Aurora Armoury Canadian Food & Wine Institute

      Interior Designer: Valerie Gow, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Gow Hastings Architects

      Photographer: Tom Arban and Rémi Carreiro

    1. Durand Home

      Interior Designers: Carrie Stinson, ARIDO; Veronica Martin, ARIDO
      Design Firm: Two Fold Interiors

      Photographer: Lauren Miller

    1. Management Consulting Firm

      Interior Designers: Guy Painchaud, ARIDO; Heidi Painchaud, ARIDO
      Design Firm: IN Studio Design Inc.
      Design Team: Carl Jo, ARIDO

      Photographer: Ben Rahn / A-Frame


  • Andrew Sun

    Andrew has 15 years experience working on various range projects including hospitality, residential and commercial projects. Andrew has won prestigious awards ARIDO 2015 merit Award; 2016 Best of Canada in residential by Canadian interior magazine; and recognized as Top 30 Emerging Interior Design firm by Azure Magazine for Canada 150. Andrew graduated from Ontario College of Art and Design in 2008.

    Currently, he is the principal of Atelier Sun, an interior design firm founded in 2019. Situated in Toronto, Atelier Sun focuses on interior architecture and interior design. Every project aims to discover the essential meaning of the space that has a strong connection to the local culture, functionality, and aesthetics.

    We strive to cut to the bone in our design to seek the possibility to constitute a unique spatial experience, and the balance point where there is nothing to add and nothing to take away.

  • Cheryl Green

    Cheryl Green is an award winning, Toronto based, interior designer and principal of Design in Motion. She has devoted the last two decades to creating and overseeing the interior design of innovative projects from the world’s first residential SkyBridge to boutique retail shops, corporate spaces and private residences for many unique and amazing clients.
    Her design work has fostered her interest in how the design of our interior spaces can be used to add value to our communities. She is a LEED AP and is continuously involved in seeking out sustainable ways to create and build.
    Cheryl has a client focused approach to design and takes pride in her ability to bring her client’s visions and dreams to life. Her modern sensibilities help to compliment and suit her client’s lifestyle and vision in order to tell their stories in a tangible way. Her impact on the design community is reflected through her on-going support of ARIDO, teaching at George Brown College, and local volunteerism.

  • Daniel Long ARIDO, IDC, BCIN, NCIDQ

    Originally from Owen Sound, Daniel Long has lived in towns and cities throughout Ontario where he studied both interior design and architectural technology. While working primarily in corporate and commercial interiors for the past 20 years he also has more recent experience with residential and senior living projects.
    As a Registered Interior Designer with his Building Code qualifications in the large buildings category, Daniel is passionate about code, accessibility, sustainability, and he has recently served as the VP of Finance for ARIDO. He gardens and is actively engaged in local politics at the federal level.
    In 2018 he set down roots along the Bay of Quinte, founded Long & Co. Interior Design Inc. and he manages a small team of designers who strive to improve the built environment for the local community.

  • Lisa Worth

    Lisa’s career gained momentum when Canadian House and Home magazine put her on their “It List”, as one of the top Interior Designers in Canada to watch.

    She is known for consistently delivering creative, intelligent design solutions and for crafting interiors with timeless appeal.

    Lisa is guided by the belief that all living spaces should reflect her client’s personal style. As such, the firm’s versatility is demonstrated in projects that range from elegant urban residences to weekend retreats and corporate interiors.

    Lisa’s work has been featured in many publications and media outlets including House and Home Magazine, Style at Home Magazine, The Globe and Mail and CBC Television.

  • Penny Fobler-Cressy

    Penny is a Registered member of ARIDO, a LEED Green Associate and a member of IDEC and CaGBC. She is an active member on the ARIDO Board, at the Chapter level, and has held various positions in the Southern Ontario Chapter (SOC) that included President of the SOC, CEU Director and currently she is the Secretary/Treasurer. Her experience in interior design and construction spans over 25 years with a focus on hospitality and commercial design. Penny is a passionate and creative interior design educator committed to achieving a learning environment that is based on understanding, respect, and collaboration.