BID projects – Humber College (Part 4)

BID projects – Humber College (Part 4)

Continuing our celebration of BID grad projects, we are excited to showcase the projects by the graduating students from ARIDO - recognized schools across Ontario on BLOG//ARIDO, and we're delighted to spotlight their achievements with both the ARIDO community and beyond.

Collaborating with these schools, ARIDO has curated a collection of fourth-year Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) student projects to feature on BLOG//ARIDO. We'll be unveiling these projects throughout May, June, and July, offering insights into the talent emerging from these institutions.

Rojin Rafati - An innovative makerspace

The makerspace facility is dedicated to post-secondary students within creative programs such as architecture, interior design, and industrial design. Its primary objective is to enhance the creative aptitude of its users and allow for fostering connections through interdisciplinary practices and providing exposure to real-world career intricacies. Operating on four core principles—design thinking, connection, learning, and interdisciplinary collaboration—the center aims to bridge educational gaps and cultivate awareness of advanced technologies such as fabrication, 3D printing, AI, and virtual reality. Furthermore, it underscores the significance of hands-on experience within a collaborative workshop setting, ensuring students are equipped with both theoretical knowledge and practical skills essential for their future endeavours.

The conceptual framework is represented through the idea of interconnectedness, with a central event space serving as a focal point, the nexus that links various facilities within the building. Encircled by a passageway featuring a sculptural pathway, this central space acts as the primary circulation route. This deliberate layout promotes fluid movement and encourages interaction among users, seamlessly connecting collaborative workspaces, technology-driven learning environments, Fabrication and Robotics Laboratories, Computer laboratories, workshops, open work zones, and the Career Mentorship Center.


Rozlyn Mead - Pebble Community Centre

Pebble Community Centre is a space designed for seniors that provides connection and restoration through eco-therapy-based activities. The community centre is located at 1402 Queen Street West in the historic town of Alton just north of Mississauga. Combining both biophilic design and activity-based theory, the centre provides users with programs for stimulation and relaxation through animal therapy.

The concept of ripples in a body of water comes from the process of dropping a pebble into the water. Providing seniors with a safe and supportive space allows users to deeply connect with others while partaking in physically and mentally stimulating activities to improve their health. Organic shapes and the use of three colour pallets per floor assist in the user's wayfinding and navigation throughout the centre.
"Pebble Community Centre is creating ripples within the senior community."

Humber College

Saba Modaresi - Immersive Library

This Thesis project focuses on the development of a Technology Integrated Immersive Library. The goal was to enhance the reader's experience beyond conventional limits and traditional boundaries in a library setting through the application of interactive technology. Reading is more than just interpreting words on a page; It's about creating a vivid mental picture and immersing oneself in the story's setting.

This technology serves as a catalyst, enhancing the atmospheric elements of the narrative, without interfering with the reader's imagination.The design concept for this project is driven from the word “Transcendence” as I believe in the power of literature to take us to extraordinary realms, connecting us to something beyond the physical limitations of our body and the world around us. The spaces in this project intensify this experience, through the integration of interactive technology and embracing the 5 senses.


Samantha Terranova - Academic Library

This academic library is centred around innovation and meeting the evolving needs of learners in the digital age. It aims to transform the traditional academic library into a dynamic hub of innovation and collaboration tailored specifically for Humber students.

The goal is to create inclusive, integrated spaces where college and university-level students can study, decompress, and connect. This will be achieved through the creation of ergonomically designed study spaces, reading nooks, or multipurpose hubs. The design will focus on integrating technology, as well as biophilic elements, such as natural materials, to enhance user well-being. Overall, the vision is to optimize resources, enhance the learning experience, and foster a sense of community among students within the academic library facility.

Sapphire Saldanha - Dimensional - Immersive Hotel

The thesis topic revolves around the design of Dimensional: an immersive boutique hotel that elevates guest experiences. While I was exploring Lefebvre's Spatial Triad Theory and Travel Motivation Theory, a lot of the research pointed towards hotel stays providing a consistent set of experiences while guests wanting to experience something new and thrilling.

Therefore, I wanted to combine the use of technology and other immersive design strategies to enhance guest experiences. For this project, I chose the term “Euphoric Serenity” as the concept to encapsulate the smooth blend of profound tranquillity and exhilarating happiness. The design aims to transport users on a journey through various naturescapes that evoke serene yet euphoric sensations, fostering an unforgettable experience within the space. The design also explores the implementation of euphoric sensations using a natural material palette as a means to emphasize the peace yet vibrancy of the interiors.

Serena Hardman - The Birth Centre

The Birth Centre, located at 21 Ossington Ave, Toronto, focuses on holistic maternal care outside of the traditional hospital setting. This project aims to explore how interior design can contribute to creating a nurturing and supportive environment for expectant mothers, emphasizing holistic care principles that prioritize physical, emotional, and psychological well-being during the birthing process.

The decision to design this birth centre stems from a deeply held belief in the transformative power of interior design to positively impact people's lives, particularly during significant life events such as childbirth. This project provides an opportunity to showcase the potential of design to enhance the birthing experience and contribute to improved maternal outcomes.

Thy Ho - Vietnamese Cultural and Art Centre

Inspired by the story of the Dong Ho painting village, this design celebrates the spirit of Vietnamese intangible culture through reflective images of Diep and Do papers incorporated throughout, creating a flow of movement within the spaces. By highlighting this shared heritage, the design brings the narrative closer to users, fostering a sense of belonging for the Vietnamese community. This engaging experience also offers a journey of cultural exploration for other communities in Canada when visiting the center.

The center facilitates a welcoming reception and lobby, a cultural exhibition area, a temporary gallery, a theatre, a language classroom, a music classroom, a gift shop, and a rentable event space for the public and members. Throughout the design, the texture of Diep and Do papers is reflected to emphasize cultural value, alongside other traditional figures such as bamboo walls, Lac birds, and Dongson drum patterns.


For more information on these projects and others visit the Humber ON/OFF website


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