BID projects – Toronto Metropolitan University

BID projects – Toronto Metropolitan University

Continuing our celebration of BID grad projects, we are excited to showcase the projects by the graduating students from ARIDO - recognized schools across Ontario on BLOG//ARIDO, and we're delighted to spotlight their achievements with both the ARIDO community and beyond.

Collaborating with these schools, ARIDO has curated a collection of fourth-year Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) student projects to feature on BLOG//ARIDO. We'll be unveiling these projects throughout May, June, and July, offering insights into the talent emerging from these institutions.

Best in Visual Communication: Amber Wei

Lost in the forest after picking apples with his buddy, the man steps on a pressure plate, unleashing a
temple that arises from the ground. Once inside, a crow attacks him, and he trips on an apple that slips
out of his pocket. Dazed from his fall, he looks up to an obstacle course. As he finishes, he finds his way
back to his apple basket to see his partner with a green anklet on.

Best 4th Year Innovation Award: Eira Roberts - Something New

Something New documents the humble tree stump, left partially and appearing purposeless, something
that once was and will become again. Documented is a space incomplete, lacking an element that
grounds it as an urban room with an aspect of interiority but ripe with the opportunity to become one. To
transform the not-quite-there space, a one-to-one guerrilla-style intervention is fabricated economically
and efficiently within the budget constraint of $50, totalling $24. The new tree is attached, inviting an
ambiguous solution to complete the space. It could be a rack, a place for lost and found mittens, or an
object to stop and think about the climate of our environment.

Best 4th Year IRN: Simone Pateria - MI(E)SSING LILLY REICH

Mi(e)sconceptions, Mi(e)sogyny and Mi(e)ssing Lilly Reich” is conceptual illustrative feminist magazine.
The title of this magazine is a play on Mies Van Der Rohe’s name and ultimately aims to center the
discussion around how Lily Reich's name is more often than not missing from credit given to work they
collaborated on.

The magazine adopts a conceptual and illustrative approach to storytelling to call attention to the effects of misogyny and gender biases that exist in historical architectural narratives and to reflect on the absence of her name and legacy in the architecture and design world. Flip through the
illustrations, articles and more in the magazine to delve into the fascinating world of architecture,
feminism, and the overlooked legacy of Lilly Reich.

Best in Show: Takako Daros - Cultural Harmonix

Cultural Harmonix transcends mere furniture - it's a culmination of four years of academic theory applied to hands-on experience and community engagement. Its mission is to showcase diverse cultural objects and ideas, engaging the community in meaningful dialogue. The debut exhibition, held at the Student Learning Center of TMU on April 29th, alongside local designers and SID alumnus. At the heart of this exhibition is "The Picnic," tatami furniture born from five months of conscientious research. This innovative creation seamlessly blends Japanese tradition with Western style, offering Torontonians a unique sensory experience. Crafted in collaboration with Kyoto Tatami artisans, it proudly showcases Japanese heritage and was recognized as Best in Show at the Year End Show 2024.


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