Entertainment company works from show stopping office

Entertainment company works from show stopping office

Entertainment One is a Canadian-based, global leader in the film, television, and music industry. Their ongoing business growth and strategic acquisitions had left their operations spread across Toronto in five different locations, and they were searching for an office space that would unite the 450 (and growing) staff into a new world headquarters and support the integration of an incredibly diverse group of creative staff.

Interior Designer: Greg Quinn, ARIDO
Design Team: Yuritza Rodriguez, ARIDO; Andrea Niklas, ARIDO
Design Firm: X-Design
Project Photographer: Steve Tsai

They selected a 100,000 square foot space in a brand-new office tower at the corner of Peter Street and Richmond Street West in Toronto, and engaged the design team to provide a brighter and more flexible experience to the staff. Staff can work independently or gather in different types of settings; from casual café meeting areas, to private meeting booths, to full meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology.

A large meeting room with wood topped conference table surrounded by office chairs and bench seating nearby. Round black pendant lights overhead extend the brand while a tambour wood screen hides acoustical panelling.

A modern feature stair links the office floors together, and each floor is equipped with café and meeting spaces at the stair landing, encouraging interaction and integration among employees. Each coffee station in the café has a movie marquee designed to let the staff create custom messages, changing and activating the space. When a visitor tours through the office, a simple walk down the stairs exposes the diversity of creative assets for which eOne is responsible.

On the 5th floor, the design team created a multipurpose hub for the organization. Serving as a lunchroom, and meeting place that can be easily transformed to host a yoga class, an all hands meeting, or host an extravagant film festival party. Custom walls rotate around a fixed axis to open and partition the space as required. When the custom walls are aligned, their openings mimic the perspective of looking through the aperture of a camera, and recall the mission of the entire company.

Meeting space with square detail partitions provide lots of space ot meet for employees.
Greg Quinn

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