Fanshawe College BID Projects

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Bachelor of Interior Design graduation shows and events have been cancelled. ARIDO would like to celebrate the class of 2020 from Ontario ARIDO-recognized schools and ensure their work is appreciated. ARIDO has worked with these schools to promote a selection of 4th year BID student work on BLOG//ARIDO and will be posting the work each Wednesday during the coming weeks.


My thesis project is the design of a counselling centre for veterans with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) to improve their health and well-being outcomes. When facing PTSD one can experience many negative side effects, including constant awareness, anxiety, depression, and interpersonal problems at work and home. From my research, I was able to design a space that promotes comfort and healing for this vulnerable population.


My thesis project focuses on designing for family-centred involvement in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). My research focused on the way family involvement has a positive effect on the healthy growth and development of infants in the NICU. To promote family involvement, I designed a space that promotes the involvement of parents in the NICU to optimize infant care.


This project focused on memory care for retirement residences. My project is the design of a memory care home for residents experiencing dementia which promotes senior independence through social spaces and wayfinding.


Today’s youth are a driving force in global sustainability issues and have the potential to create meaningful, lasting change. Despite this fact, youth still face challenges to living sustainable lifestyles, constrained by environmental limitations, or learned behaviour. My thesis project explores the relationship that youth have with sustainability and possible design solutions which can be implemented to encourage sustainable lifestyle practices.


Throughout history, hospital emergency departments have been focused on staff efficiency. Now, the design of the emergency department is becoming more human-centred for patients, in conjunction with staff. The focus of my thesis project is an emergency department that increases well-being and decreases patient anxiety through the integration of interior design interventions. Interventions like biophilia, proper lighting design, and acoustical design work together to create a safe, tranquil, and healing environment.