Student Scholarships

The Norma Ruth Ridley Scholarship

The Norma Ruth Ridley Scholarship, previously the ARIDO Provincial Scholarship, honors interior design students who display impeccable professionalism and ethics and who understand the importance of good business practices and professional standards. Applicants are judged in five areas: academic achievement, professionalism, community involvement, character and communication. Program Chairs from each ARIDO-recognized school may submit the name of one student 44 considered for the $2,000 scholarship, presented each year at the ARIDO, Annual General Meeting.

2020 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Tara Kenney – Fanshawe College

2019 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Courtney Clarke – Algonquin College

2018 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Kimberly Czornodolskyj – Humber College

2017 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Caitlin Cohen – RCC Institute

2016 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Emily Ceh – Sheridan College

2014 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Samantha Lostracco – Fanshawe College

2013 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Victor Chan – Ryerson University

2012 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Justine Baltessen – Algonquin College

2011 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Melanie Alexander – Sheridan College

2009 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Kelly Hatfield – Ryerson University

2008 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Jenny Neilson – Algonquin College

2007 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Jessica Graveline – Algonquin College

Shannon Moschenross – International Academy of Design

2006 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Katherine Treash – International Academy of Design

2005 Norma Ruth Ridley recipient

Karen Herlt – International Academy of Design

CTI Working Environments Student Scholarship

The CTI Working Environments Student Scholarship awards students who go beyond the written curriculum. The students best exemplify dedication and enthusiasm in giving back to their community and volunteering for ARIDO. The monies raised at from CTI's annual Signatures event is graciously donated to the scholarship. Three scholarships of $500 each are awarded to the students.

2020 CTI Scholarship Recipients
Michelle Lan – Ryerson University
Grace Bergstrome – Algonquin College

Christine Belanger – Fanshawe College

2019 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Courtney Clarke – Algonquin College

Janny Do – Yorkville University

Tara Kenney – Fanshawe College

James Knapton – Algonquin College

Kathryn Lawrence – Sheridan College

2018 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Stephanie Morawietzn – Conestoga College

Kalmn Simmons – Algonquin College

Victoria Styrna – Sheridan College

2017 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Jessica Drolet – Algonquin College

Joel Hunking – Ryerson University

2016 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Brooke Anderson – Algonquin College

Kourtney Madeley – OCAD University

Amy Schell – Conestoga College

Heather Woods – Sheridan College

2015 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Mila Berti – Sheridan College

Francesca Lango – International Academy of Design

Marwa Talal – Algonquin College

2014 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Alyssa Aiello – Algonquin College

Murray G. Allen-Brousseau – Ryerson University

Caroline Cheam – Fanshawe College

2013 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Ellise Crouter – International Academy of Design

Rebecca Courtice – Algonquin College

2012 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Erin Cunningham – Ryerson University

Catherine Langlois – La Cite collegiate

Amelia Mathieson – Algonquin College

2011 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Marti Hawkins – Ryerson University

Melissa Pfluegl – Georgian College

Lindsay Wiebe – Sheridan College

2010 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Josiane Burelle – La Cite collegiate

Elizabeth Seidl – Sheridan College

Jane Tranter – Fanshawe College

2009 CTI Scholarship Recipients

Andrew Donald – Sheridan College

Melissa Lehoux – La Cite collegiate

The Harvest House Craftsmen Award

The Harvest House Craftsmen Award recognizes Oct interior designers who have recently completed their NCIDQ exam and achieved the highest combined examination score for that examination year. Each recipient is given a $1,000 cash award in recognition of their outstanding professional accomplishment.

2009 Harvest House Craftsmen Award recipients

Jennifer Hann

Finny Halim

Julie Hawkins

Meghan McBride

Barbara Steele

2008 Harvest House Craftsmen Award recipients

Helena Da Costa Karen Hohenadel

Lisa Johnson-Poirier

Terry Ann Ledger

Wayne Swadron

The Gary Hewson Memorial Award

The Gary Hewson Scholarship was created in memory of an individual who touched the lives of many in Ontario's interior design community. The award will be presented each fall to one interior design student from each of ARIDO, recognized interior design programs who has shown exemplary peer mentorship, leadership, and volunteerism in their community. The winners receive a ticket to the ARIDO Awards Gala.

2019 Award Recipients

Christine Belanger – Fanshawe College

Haneih Ahani – Yorkville University

Jesse Wyman – Algonquin College

Leah Lorentz – Conestoga College

Noor Omar Saleh – Sheridan College

2018 Award Recipients

Taylor Wintle – Conestoga College

Lily Donald – Humber College

Tara Kenney – Fanshawe College

Lauren Flynn – RCC Institute

James Knapton – Algonquin College

Tracee Allison Jia – OCADU

Zoya Yahya – Sheridan College

ARIDO Art Appreciation Scholarship, in partnership with Doner-Turrin Inc.

The ARIDO Art Appreciation Scholarship in partnership with Doner-Turrin Inc awards $500 to a first year student in an ARIDO recognized Interior Design program. Open to all first year interior design students, students apply by submitting an application about a piece of art of their choice and its placement in a specific space.

ARIDO would like to extend our appreciation to Rachel Doner-Turrin for her support of young designers and the advancement of the Interior Design profession. Owned and operated by Rachel Doner-Turrin, Doner-Turrin Inc is an art consultancy that provides interior designers with art sourcing support, installation, framing advice and more.

2020 ARIDO Art Appreciation Scholarship recipient
Bailey Marinovich – Humber College
2019 ARIDO Art Appreciation Scholarship recipient

Katelyn Vahi – Georgian College