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ROI 2015: Variety Village

The focus of the ROI 2015 initiative is Variety Village. Variety Village is a fitness, recreation and life skills facility focusing on expanding opportunities for active accessibility and inclusion. Variety’s primary focus is to ensure that individuals of all abilities have equal and accessible opportunities to become active and contributing members of the community; develop and learn physical as well as social skills; obtain the support and resources necessary to achieve and maintain good health and well-being; have their physical, emotional and social needs met.

For over 65 years, Variety Village has made a profound difference in the spirits and lives of people with all abilities and their families in the Greater Toronto area and across Ontario. Through its programs and services, Variety’s goal has been to improve the quality of life and integration into society of all people, regardless of their abilities. By offering specialized programs and services, Variety Village creates a level playing field without barriers, intimidation or other obstacles. Dedicated to people of all abilities, Variety Village is a great place to get fit and have fun.

2015 ROI Team


    Deborah Sperry
    Elaine Teo-Mak
    Teresa M. Sorska


    Sharon Portelli
    Mahesh Babooram
    Dayna Bradley
    Sabrina Carinci
    Aleksandr Mossman
    Tamara Poyato
    Candace Samuel
    Diana Smickilas

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