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The Power of Colour Panel Series Continues
DIVeIN Survey Results
Save the Date! ARIDO Awards Gala Thursday, September 30th, 2021!
Awards Gala Survey – Your feedback is needed!
Professional Development Audit Update
Office of Small and Medium Enterprises recurring info clinics on Doing Business with Government
Chapter Events and Updates
New Perks from Perkopolis: Summer fun!
PROLINK Insurance renewal November 1, 2021
PROLINK Summer Forecast: How to Stormproof Your House
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The Power of Colour Panel Series Continues

The Panel series by ARIDO's Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Advancement Committee is continuing this fall with Session 3, on September 21st, 2021.

Save the Date for Session 3 – Wrap Up & Reflection

In the third and final session of this series, The Power of Colour: Being Black in Design, all the panelists will join together at the same event and discuss the next steps for this work. Save the date for September 21st, 2021!

We will continue the collective conversation and discuss next steps and ways ARIDO, firms, and the greater design community can act, build, and do better, in order to advance and amplify Black designers and their work. The session will include time for discussion and invite questions from the audience. The whole ARIDO community is needed to move this important work forward. Participate in this session to learn where you can contribute to the advancement of this area.

You can watch Session 1 and Session 2 on the ARIDO Equity, Diversity, Advancement, and Accessibility Resources Page via ARIDOaccess.

DIVeIN Survey Results

In July, Chandran Fernando and his team from Matrix360 presented their findings and final report on Building the Future: The Importance of Designing Equitable Spaces and Communities to the Equity, Diversity, Accessibility, and Advancement Committee. In addition to the results from the survey from earlier this year, the report will be presented to the board. Following this, both the survey results and the report from Matrix360 will be shared with the membership.

Save the Date! ARIDO Awards Gala Thursday, September 30th, 2021!

ARIDO Awards Gala graphic in gold text with a red bokeh background

ARIDO is delighted to be able to host a virtual award ceremony for the 2021 Awards Gala and debut the refreshed Awards program to the membership and industry. We are also pleased to be welcoming Kevin Frankish back to host the ceremony.

The Awards Gala will be live-streamed Thursday, September 30th, and we are currently working with industry sponsors to establish several satellite event sites across the province for smaller in-person gatherings. The event broadcast will patch these event sites into the broadcast for an interactive and exciting event!

Attendees have the option of attending a satellite event or viewing the live-stream from your home or office. Please complete the survey below so ARIDO can determine the number of members who will partake in each format of the Gala.

Awards Gala Survey – Your feedback is needed!

We are opening this survey to get feedback from members on two Awards related matters:

1) Barriers which may have been posed by pandemic restrictions

2) To gauge what formats members want to participate in the 2021 ARIDO Awards Gala event

As Ontario continues to open up we are planning to deploy a hybrid model for the Gala, and work with a select group of industry partners to provide small satellite events for up to 20 people around the province. The Awards Ceremony will be broadcast live from a studio in Toronto. Members have the option to view the awards event either in-person at a satellite site, or online from home. Firms can also organize a private event at their respective offices.

This survey is to gain a better understanding of the preferences of the membership. Your feedback will assist in determining the format we finalize for the event. Please respond by August 13th.

We've embedded the survey below. If you are browsing on mobile, please click here for a link to the survey.

PRIZES: Survey respondents will be entered in a prize draw for 1 of 5 Award viewing tickets. Please leave your email address at the end of the survey.

Office of Small and Medium Enterprises recurring info clinics on Doing Business with Government

OSME Ontario is reaching out to inform you that if you were unable to attend our June 14-15, 2021 - Doing Business with Government Information Clinic event - you can look at attending ongoing Federal Procurement Virtual Drop–in Cafés starting July, for the last Wednesday of each month between 3 – 4 pm.

Virtual drop-in sessions with specialists from the Office of Small and Medium Enterprises - Ontario Region for discussions related to government procurement and more!

Connect for a few minutes to ask questions on doing business with the Government of Canada or stay for the hour.

Occurring the last Wednesday of every month, this offering provides participants the opportunity to:

  • Drop in for information nuggets related to procurement
  • Ask questions on how to sell goods and services to the Government of Canada
  • Learn about tools, resources, and innovative funding programs
  • Pick up tips on finding opportunities, bidding best practices, and more


Le BPME Ontario vous contacte pour vous informer que si vous n'avez pas pu assister à notre événement des 14 et 15 juin 2021 - Clinique d'information Faire affaire avec le gouvernement - vous pouvez assister à notre premier café virtuel sans rendez-vous sur l'approvisionnement fédéral ce mercredi 28 juillet 2021 entre 15h et 16h.

Séances virtuelles sans rendez-vous avec des spécialistes du Bureau des petites et moyennes entreprises - Region de l'Ontario pour discuter des marchés publics et plus encore!

Prenez quelques minutes pour poser des questions sur l'expérience d'affaires avec le gouvernement du Canada ou assistez simplement aux séances.

Se déroulant le dernier mercredi de chaque mois, cette offre aux participants la possibilité de:

  • D'assister à leur guise aux séances pour obtenir des capsules d'information sur l'approvisionnement
  • De poser des questions sur la façon de vendre des biens et des services au gouvernement du Canada
  • De se renseigner sur les outils, les ressources et les programmes de financement novateurs
  • D'obtenir des conseils sur la recherche d'occasions d'affaires, les meilleures pratiques de soumission, et plus encore

Professional Development Audit Update

In our ongoing efforts to enforce compliance, ARIDO has randomly selected 10% of members to audit their Professional Development Activities from the July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2021, Professional Development cycle. Members were notified on Wednesday, July 28th via email.

The selected members have been audited and were organized into three groups:

Group 1 - Members who completed the required credits and reported via the ARIDO PD Dashboard. (73 members)

ARIDO has been able to verify these credits and there is no further action needed by the Member.

Group 2 - Members who reported some credits via the PD Dashboard, but did not complete their required credits. (15 members)

ARIDO has requested more information from these members and requires them to complete an Audit Reporting Form.

Group 3 - Members who did not report any credits to the PD Dashboard. (65 members)

Some members are continuing to report all their credits via IDCEC, so must complete an Audit Reporting Form and submit all proof to ARIDO.

Audited members who are not in compliance may be subjected to termination of their membership and/or a PD fine in the amount of $100 + HST due to non-compliance. The deadline to comply with the audit is August 31st, 2021. If you have any questions about this process, please contact

Chapter Events and Updates

SOC Golf Tournament – Save the Date! September 22nd, 2021

Location: Century Pines Golf Club, Troy, ON - More details to come!

New Perks from Perkopolis: Summer fun!

Perkopolis continues to have new offers and discounts on all your summer vacation needs, such as travel insurance, car rentals, hotel, and resort bookings. If you’re staying put this summer, there are so many other offers including many clothing stores, flower delivery, electronics, meal kit services, and more!

PROLINK Insurance expiry November 1, 2021

Date to Remember: Your ARIDO Professional Insurance will expire on November 1, 2021.

Stuff happens—don’t risk being uninsured. Renew early on to avoid gaps in coverage. For more instructions, keep an eye out for a communication from PROLINK coming on September 13, 2021!

PROLINK Summer Forecast 2021: How to Stormproof your Home

When it comes to summer, storms aren’t exactly top of mind for most people. But the truth is: storm season is far from over. And a hot and dry summer can cause just as much property destruction as a blizzard or an ice storm. High humidity and dry, scorching heat can lead to heavy rainfall, windstorms, wildfires, and more that can wreak havoc on your home, your wallet, and your insurance premiums.

Even worse? Experts are predicting that this summer might be particularly harsh. With climate change fueling more extreme weather events than ever, storms—and property damage claims—are on the rise across the country.

But while you can’t control a flash flood or stop a fire in its path, there are some precautionary steps you can take to keep your property, your home, and your family safe and your insurance costs low. Keep reading to learn more:

For more guidance, connect with PROLINK! As a licensed broker, we can help you plan and protect. And, as a member of ARIDO, you can save up to 20% off standard market rates for Home & Auto coverage through PROLINK’s group insurance programs!

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