Meeting / Event Space Rental

Planning an event? Check out our award-winning space.

You’d expect that the offices of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario would be impressive, and if we do say so ourselves, they do not disappoint. We’re located in the heart of Liberty Village in Toronto’s west end. It’s a thriving neighbourhood of historic buildings and contemporary spaces. For the past decade, we’ve been located in a sprawling modern headquarters atop the Toy Factory Lofts, originally constructed over a hundred years ago.

It’s 7,500 square feet of welcoming, flexible meeting and event space, perfect for receptions and corporate events. We love to share this space with members of the Association, the design community, and other organizations so that we can learn, socialize, and strengthen the network of creative professionals.

Please review the ARIDO Space Rental Information document prior to completing this form. We will contact you within 2 business days upon submission of your inquiry.

Small 13’-3” x 19’-11” NANANA12
Sm/Lg 21’-4” x 32’-5”120304037

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