Membership Category : Registered

Membership Categories - Registered
For Registered membership, applicants are required to have accumulated a total of six years of education and practical experience.

  • Successful completion of the required interior design education (minimum three-year advanced diploma) from an ARIDO-recognized education institution
  • Successful completion of the required supervised work experience
  • Successful completion of the NCIDQ (National Council of Interior Design Qualification) examination
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage
  • Official transcripts sent directly from educational institution(s)

Ongoing Requirements

  • Annual renewal of ARIDO membership
  • Compliance with ARIDO's Professional Development requirement for Registered Members
  • Adherence to the ARIDO Code of Ethics and Practice Standards
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage


  • Registered Members may use the title and publicly hold themselves out as “Interior Designer”
  • Registered members may use the designation “ARIDO” after their name
  • Voting rights at ARIDO's Annual Meeting
  • Registered members may also use the designation NCIDQ after their name to demonstrate their successful completion of the exam

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