Changes to ARIDO Membership Requirements

Standards are changing

In order to become a Registered Member of ARIDO, individuals must meet the prescribed standards as outlined by ARIDO. In 2009, ARIDO approved changes to its membership requirements with respect to the education and experience necessary to become a Registered Member. The changes will be phased in over the next several years and will bring the province in line with North American industry standards.

For information about the current standards which must be met in order to become an ARIDO Registered member, click here.

Alternative Pathways into ARIDO Membership

In 2014, ARIDO began an undertaking to set a clear direction for ensuring fair access to all applicants, including a recommendation to move toward the assessment of qualifications based on competencies rather than credentials. With the initial review process now complete, the next phase of the project is scheduled to begin as of May 2015, following a public consultation period. Click here to learn more


Individuals applying for Registered Membership must have graduated from an interior design program that meets the body of knowledge for interior design. Click here to view the current listing of ARIDO-recognized interior design programs in Ontario. ARIDO currently recognizes a three-year Ontario College Advanced Diploma as the minimum education credential. However, the approved changes will result in higher education requirements. As of July 1, 2017, ARIDO will only recognize a bachelor's degree from a CIDA-accredited program as the minimum education credential.

These changes in education requirements will be phased in as follows :

  • Associate Degree or Three-Year Advanced Diploma
    ARIDO will continue to recognize an associate degree or a three-year advanced diploma for a limited time. Recognition applies to those who graduate before July 1, 2015, and who join ARIDO by December 31, 2019.
  • Interior Design Degree (Non-CIDA)
    ARIDO will recognize a four-year bachelor's degree program as the minimum requirement for education starting on July 1, 2015, through to July 1, 2017. These graduates must join ARIDO by December 31, 2021, in order for their degree to be recognized.
  • Interior Design Degree (CIDA-accredited only)
    Effective July 1, 2017, ARIDO will require a bachelor's degree from a CIDA-accredited program as the minimum education requirement for ARIDO membership.

Work Experience

Upon graduating from a recognized interior design program, individuals must obtain a prescribed amount of supervised work experience. Work experience must be supervised by one of the following :

  • an ARIDO Registered Member
  • a licensed architect who provides interior design services
  • an NCIDQ certificate holder

The supervised work experience requirement ensures that applicants for Registered Membership are receiving quality work experience to assist in shaping and building their skills as a future interior designer.

To identify the amount of qualified work experience required for those who meet the above education standards and timelines, please refer to the ARIDO Membership Requirements chart outlining the current education, experience, and examination requirements.

Click here for more information about supervised work experience requirements.