Advance Change Stream -Wednesday, September 28

Advance Change Stream, September 28

Join ARIDO for a speaker series in interior design with a focus on sharing consumer best practices for interior projects, and demystifying the interior design process, and how to work with an Interior Designer for residential or commercial projects.

Location: Midgley Tecnica, 117 Tycos Drive, #Unit B, Toronto, ON M6B 1W3

Date & Time: September 28, 10 AM to 4 PM


10:00am Check-in
10:30am Welcome address
10:45am Panel 1: More Than A Space: Designing BridgeNorth
12:00 noon Panel 2 : Tabule Restaurant
1:30pm Panel 3: Cedar Centre
2:30pm BREAK
2:45pm Project 4: Design for Neurodiversity
3:45pm Closing remarks
4:00pm Networking

Design Consultations

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Advance Change Stream Panel Series

10:45am More Than A Space: Designing BridgeNorth

Before embarking on this project the ROI team had no idea how they would be impacted by its completion. The design team balanced the creation of a secure environment for clients attempting to exit a trafficked situation and the creation of a more secure space for existing clients. Details as minute as the furniture selection and placement were carefully considered to try and prevent triggering of clients. Working with Casandra Diamond and the team at BridgeNorth, led to a fundamental shift in the ROI objectives, from improving an interior environment for a charitable organization to creating greater social impact by means of the Interior Design community.


Casandra Diamond for web
Casandra Diamond, BridgeNorth (project client)

Casandra Diamond is the founding director of BridgeNorth Women’s Mentorship & Advocacy Service; a survivor led charitable organization that seeks to restore the inherent dignity and value of those who have experienced sexual exploitation through prevention strategies, exit strategies, safety planning, and advocacy.

As well as the honor of walking alongside survivors of sexual exploitation, we invest in public education and awareness and advocacy at federal, provincial and municipal levels. Casandra worked with the Justice and Human Rights and the Senate Committees studying our current law known as the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act. She has spoken at numerous events, trained various professionals and consults with governments and lawmakers.

Lucia de Biasio headshot
Lucia De Biasio, ARIDO Registered Interior Designer, (designer)

A Ryerson Alumni and Registered member of the Association of Registered Interior Designers of Ontario (ARIDO), Lucia has been practicing Interior Design for over 25 years with a focus on commercial and institutional buildings.

With many year’s experience, Lucia’s creativity and commitment to positive client relationships always shines through. Her diverse experience includes strategic space planning, programming, project management, furniture specification, scheduling, budgets and tender documentation. LDB Design provides a broad spectrum of interior design services for commercial and institutional buildings focusing on delivering creative and functional spaces. Lucia was the ARIDO President from 2019-20 and the design lead for the 2018 ARIDO ROI Initiative.

12:00 noon - Tabule Restaurant

Tabule is a woman-owned chain of hip Lebanese eateries, owned by Diana Sideris who tasked Registered Interior Designer Jude Kamal with the design for her newest location in the Canary District. Kamal created the feeling of sitting in a warm, breezy courtyard in Beirut, embedding Sideris’ cultural background and culinary perspective within the space. The focus on inclusion extends to Kamal’s sourcing, working with BIPOC makers and women-owned business for decor, plants, graphic design and art.

Speaker: Jude Kamal, ARIDO, Registered Interior Designer

Jude Kamal, ARIDO is a Registered Interior Designer and the founder of Sansa Interiors, a boutique architectural and interior design studio that takes a holistic approach to residential and commercial projects in and around Toronto.

Here, she shares how her passion for art and architecture feeds into her interior design work and the inner workings of her clean but complex design aesthetic.

1:30pm - Cedar Centre

What does psychological safety and physical safety for a child look like in a space? Cedar Centre in Newmarket has been serving children and youth who have experienced abuse for more than 35 years. In 2019 they worked with Bennett Design to develop a design package and budget to secure funding for a space where multiple care partners could be located. This wrap-around model places the children and youth at the centre of the care in a space that is familiar to them. Hear from Alison Peck, Executive Director of Cedar Centre and Lise Hyatt, ARIDO and Jill Priestman, ARIDO of Bennett Design on their process of collaboration and trauma-informed values through design.


Lise Hyatt, ARIDO, Team Lead

In her role as a Project Lead at Bennett Design Lise Hyatt, ARIDO brings exceptional insight to the creative planning process and has an eye for the details that ensures her solutions are unique and customized to each client. Lise is adept at leading projects from the initial workplace strategy discovery through to the close out process.

She is efficient and detailed at drawings as well as using the SketchUP 3D modeling program and has a passion for user-driven design.

Alison L. Peck, BSc, MA, Executive Director, Cedar Centre

Appointed in 2005, Alison Peck has been the Executive Director of Cedar Centre (formerly operating as York Region Abuse Program) for over 17 years.

She is an active participant in both regional and municipal community planning and non-profit governance, providing leadership within the Child Abuse, Sexual Assault, Child and Youth Mental Health, Adult Mental Health and Addictions, and Violence Against Women sectors. Alison brings to her work over 25 years of specialized mental health and developmental sector experience.

Jill Priestman, ARIDO, Director of Workplace Strategy

Jill Priestman, ARIDO is a Workplace Strategist at Bennett Design. Her area of expertise is in the execution and analysis of the team’s proprietary discovery initiative guide (d.i.g.) program and working with organizations to quantify space and culture needs.

Jill’s hands- on working style through the use of surveys, observation techniques and focus sessions with many clients over the years has given her keen insight into readily identifying current workplace challenges and areas for opportunities.

2:45pm - Designing for Neurodiversity

Registered Interior Designer Tatiana Soldatova, ARIDO will share how she and her team worked with an anthropologist to understand the core needs of employees and design an office that would consider employee efficiency and workplace satisfaction. The finished space goes further than the normal definition of inclusivity and supports both individual and collective needs.

Speaker: Tatiana Soldatova, Registered Interior Designer, ARIDO

Tatiana Soldatova Headshot

A tenacious entrepreneur with a passion for realizing complex problems through innovation, Tatiana Soldatova, ARIDO pushes the boundaries of design research and brings together industry leaders to help guide projects with award-winning results.

She co-founded Syllable Inc. - a Toronto-based, people-centric design and architecture studio specializing in corporate interiors, low rise multi-residential suites, and boutique retail spaces. Her role within the firm oversees managing business strategy and operations, providing internal mentorship, and driving the company's growth and continued excellence year over year. Key clients include Chanel, Moderna, Levi's, and Kraft Heinz. In addition to her private practice, Tatiana is a professor at Humber College instructing Professional Practice modules on communication and honing business acuity.

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