Student member Cali Pitcher wins Grand Prize at the FORM competition

  • Published on: Jun 21, 2024
Image of Cali Pitcher, the Grand Prize winner at the FORM Competition

Cali Pitcher from Georgian College in Ontario, Canada, is the grand prizewinner at the FORM Student Innovation Competition for her entry “Notions.” Inspired by mid-century modern design (1945-70), Notions encapsulates the mantra of the design movement: form follows function.

Cali Pitcher, has just wrapped up the fourth and final year of her Honours Bachelor of Interior Design at Georgian College in Ontario. A lifelong passion for all things related to design led her to pursue a career in interior design and allowed her to explore her love of architecture, interior design, decorating and art. “I am truly fulfilled by my passion for design. Nothing excites me quite like a new project to undertake,” she says.

Cali spent several weeks developing Notions and pushed herself to think outside the box while exploring Newstalgia and Mid-century modern design.

Her design embraces the theme “Newstalgia” by drawing inspiration from Mid-century modern sewing boxes, bringing that practicality and streamlined design into a piece made for modern living. The name Notions gives a nod to both new ideas and sewing supplies.

Cali's winning project at the FORM competition. The design draws inspiration from Mid-century modern sewing boxes and showcases a table with two seating units that can be tucked under the table and that provide additional storage under the seat.

“When I take on a new project, my approach begins with consideration for who will be using the design. I consider functionality at the forefront of all my designs, and I seek to streamline everyday activities for the end user. That’s exactly what I did with Notions.

During the process, Cali enjoyed experimenting with different Formica® products to create the look she envisioned for her project. She particularly appreciated the wide array of products and designs Formica® laminate offers, which made it easy to find a variety of materials to suit her design.

Cali's winning project at the FORM competition. The design draws inspiration from Mid-century modern sewing boxes and showcases amazing versatility by having many options for use. Here the table top opens to provide a separate working station on one side and additional storage inside the table top.

Throughout her studies, Cali had the opportunity to create projects within the residential, commercial and healthcare sectors. In addition to her degree studies, she got to design several projects for student competitions, which allowed her to explore different aspects of interior design in a very rewarding way. The FORM Competition was the perfect opportunity to conclude her academic journey with success. “The FORM Competition is a fantastic idea! Offering students the opportunity to compete in this rewarding experience is an enriching addition to any student’s educational endeavour. I would encourage any student to participate in this exciting challenge!” says Pitcher.