BID projects – Algonquin College

BID projects – Algonquin College

Just like previous few years, we are excited to showcase the projects by the graduating students' from ARIDO - recognized schools across Ontario on BLOG//ARIDO, and we're delighted to spotlight their achievements with both the ARIDO community and beyond.

Collaborating with these schools, ARIDO has curated a collection of fourth-year Bachelor of Interior Design (BID) student projects to feature on BLOG//ARIDO. We'll be unveiling these projects throughout May, June, and July, offering insights into the talent emerging from these institutions.

Giuliana Barbier - Fusion Fitness

Fusion Fitness is an adaptive reuse project of a fitness facility situated within the premises of Vaniers' former Rideau High School. This project addresses the need for accessible and diverse health opportunities by encompassing various zones and amenities tailored to meet the diverse needs and preferences of the users.

Catering to seniors and individuals with disabilities, the facility aims to offer an inclusive space promoting physical fitness, mental wellness, and community engagement. The design concept embraces the essence of nature through the use of soothing colours, organic textures, and natural materials. This creates a rejuvenating environment that inspires holistic wellness, and fosters a sense of vitality and connection to the surrounding world while promoting physical activity tailored to the community's needs.

Julia Ranallo - Crossroad Library & Cafe

This project seeks to repurpose a section of the former Rideau High School into a dynamic community library, focusing on educational, cultural integration, and community empowerment objectives. It addresses post-closure challenges such as marginalized communities and discrimination through strategic renovation, aiming to bridge the gap between residents and newcomers.

Highlighting the intersection of cultures within the Vanier community, Crossroad Library and Cafe uses elements of light and warmth to craft a welcoming and motivating atmosphere. Implementing flexible spaces, angular features, and modular furnishings, the design promotes a sense of connection, discovery and productivity for the users.

Linh Dinh - Youth Peak Physio and Rehab Center

Nestled within the old Rideau High School gym area, now a bustling community hub is Youth Peak's Physio and Rehab Center—a beacon of specialized care for young individuals. Embodying the spirit of a superhero's journey, its vibrant interior resembles a lively workshop, blending healthcare standards with playful empathy. Linear graphics guide visitors through distinct zones: Welcoming, Treatment, and Activities, each marked by unique colours.

Pastel tones dominate, with bright splashes on the walls uplifting young patients. Triangular shapes invite engagement, symbolizing the dynamic nature of the healing journey. Above, the ceiling mimics the sky, with suspended acoustic panels creating a peaceful environment conducive to recovery. This innovative center offers tailored support for sports-related injuries and musculoskeletal issues, seamlessly integrating physiotherapy into youths' lives. It embodies a commitment to proactive health management, fostering a culture of well-being within the community through collaborative efforts and ongoing refinement.

Sara Masarani - Kultural Kitchen

Welcome to Kultural Kitchen, a Cultural culinary hub at the former Rideau High School site in Ottawa, addressing challenges for newcomers and immigrants starting food businesses. By repurposing infrastructure and promoting diversity, Kultural Kitchen provides access to licensed kitchens, equipment, economic opportunities, and spaces for cultural discussions. Rooted in a belief that food unites people, the space celebrates global culinary traditions.

Multifunctional facilities, including shared and private kitchens, and a communal dining hall offer a platform for culinary exploration and innovation. Through vibrant design elements like stained glass and neutral tones, Kultural Kitchen fosters inclusivity and sustainability, providing a welcoming space for food enthusiasts to learn, develop enterprises, and engage in culturally rich experiences within the community.

Zihong Ran - PixelPulse Arena

PixelPulse Arena is set to revolutionize the gaming world, offering an immersive hub for gamers of all backgrounds. With state-of-the-art technology, a wide selection of games, and a community-driven environment, PixelPulse Arena is not just a gaming hub, it's a destination for those who live and breathe digital entertainment.

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