Low Ceilings and How to Decorate Around Them

Low Ceilings and How to Decorate Around Them

This is such a popular question on the channel and if you live in an older home or an older apartment, you might have to deal with low ceilings. They can make your space feel cramped and squat, maybe even dark and boring.

But don't worry, there are some tricks you can use to make your low ceilings look higher and make your spaces feel more balanced and so much more interesting.

Vertical Elements

One of the most frustrating things about low ceilings is that they can make your room feel squat. The best way to change that feeling is to focus on vertical elements because they draw the eye upwards. Elongating the walls is key. And it's all about optical illusion!

Colour Palette

One of the best ways to make a room feel larger and taller, is to use a light or pale colour palette. Light colours reflect more light and make your space feel airy and spacious. Keeping the colours homogenous will help your eye to easily move around the room and less of a focus on the short walls. You can use light colors on the walls, ceiling, floor, and furniture for that light and spacious feeling.

And there are so many tips and tricks to painting wall and crown mouldings that will help minimize the look of your low ceilings.


Where absolutely necessary, use recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can create a smooth and even illumination that can make your ceiling appear higher.

You can also install wall sconces or floor lamps that direct the light upwards to help distribute more light on the ceiling which will make the space feel lighter and taller.

You can use pendant lights that drop down from the ceiling in places like above a kitchen island or a dining table or a bed. Don't avoid using pendants in these areas. Instead, take into consideration your low ceilings and the size and scale of your pendant lights.

So here's your takeaway…
Low ceilings can be a challenge but the key is to elongate and emphasize the vertical aspects of the room. Add stripes, add tall curtains, add vertical accessories… All of it in a way that emphasizes that upward feeling. Look for ways to lighten and brighten the room, making eye-catching horizontal features less striking, less obvious. And then choose lighting that is well proportioned, especially pendant lights. With these important design tricks, you'll be able to enjoy the illusion of a better proportioned room and make your spaces feel more balanced and better designed, despite a low ceiling.

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