What are Registered Interior Designers qualified to do?

What are Registered Interior Designers qualified to do?

The work a Registered Interior Designer completes will differ from project to project. Remember that an Interior Designer is different from an Interior Decorator.

An Interior Decorator may style a space to make it look fashionable and beautiful, a Registered Interior Designer will address form and function in a project and consider your vision, your lifestyle, and your budget.

A Registered Interior Designer is qualified to create designs for an interior space, apply for a building permit, create plans for plumbing, electrical, space planning and more. Anyone can call themselves an Interior Decorator, which does not require the same level of technical training.

In Ontario, the title ‘Interior Designer’ represents an educated professional who has met the high standards for education, work experience and examination to gain Registered Membership, as defined by ARIDO.

Some examples of the work an Interior Designer can complete for you:

  • Apply their knowledge of interior design, sector and economic trends, legal and regulatory requirements to the design of your interior space
  • Prepare preliminary design concepts that are functional, meet your budget, and are aesthetically pleasing
  • Develop and present final design recommendations
  • Prepare working drawings and specifications for interior construction, space planning, materials, finishes, furnishings, fixtures, and equipment
  • Prepare contract documents and administer bids on behalf of the client
  • File for the required Building Permits with the local authority
  • Collaborate with other practitioners who offer professional services in the technical areas of mechanical, electrical, and structural design as needed
  • Manage the interior design process, including strategic planning, project planning, budgeting, and schedules
  • Understand, document and analyze your needs and goals as their client
  • Review and evaluate construction during implementation and coordinate completion of project with consultant team
  • Complete a final walk-through with the client to ensure the project is completed properly

The Project Team

Interior Designers may also work as the Lead Consultant or Project Manager for the project on your behalf. They are trained and experienced at retaining and working with other consultants or suppliers who may be required to complete the project:

  • Act as Project Manager on your behalf to manage the project teams through all phases of the project
  • Advise on the branding and communications of the features of a space
  • Undertake feasibility studies on potential facilities and coordinate with real estate professionals where needed

The list of specialists an Interior Designer may retain, or assist you in retaining, includes:

  • Accessibility consultants
  • Acoustical consultants
  • Architects
  • Art consultants
  • Audio visual/technology solutions consultants
  • Building code consultants
  • Communications, branding, and graphics consultants
  • Contractors and/or construction managers
  • Cost consultants
  • Filing and record systems suppliers; storage and display systems suppliers
  • Furniture and fixtures suppliers
  • Lighting consultants
  • Market analysts
  • Mechanical, Electrical, communications, and/or Structural Engineers
  • Merchandising and visual display consultants
  • Real estate consultants
  • Relocation consultants and moving companies
  • Security consultants
  • Signage and/or wayfinding consultants
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