Lofty living in this chic urban sanctuary

Lofty living in this chic urban sanctuary

It is always a dream to work on a project with high ceilings.

In our Eglinton project, the building was home to offices and was converted in the early 2000's, giving a very spacious layout and 11-foot ceilings to play with. Our starting point was keeping the existing concrete floors and refinishing them in Epoxy to maintain the look and feel of an industrial loft.

Interior Designer: Luca Campacci, ARIDO
Design Firm: Level Studio
Photographer: Vinh Le

Black kitchen with flush doors, no hardware and industrial elements
Black matte kitchen cabinets without hardware and matching black stone on counters and backsplash. Bread and flowers as display details are on the counter

The exposed conduit and HVAC worked in our favour to maintain this look and feel as well.

We completely renovated and configured the kitchen appliance locations to create a more functional flow. The client had a bold vision for an all-black kitchen which we balanced with a large white island. The stone used, both black and white, are of the same, complimentary line and the veins match and speak to each other. Another request from the client was to have no hardware pulls in the kitchen so we went with all integrated panel ready appliances, push open cabinetry and fingertip pulls.

The black ceramic dining table has dramatic veins, so we paired it with more subtle grey upholstered chairs. We went with a trio of unique pendant lights that designate the kitchen, living and dining area in the open concept loft.

A view of the neutral coloured dining and kitchen areas, looking in the direction of the large windows, and an antique sideboard visible underneath the windows

We curated with our client two excellent pieces by Christoph Niemann that pull in a kaleidoscope of colors that we also introduced subtly in the large rug in the living area and the runner in the foyer.

There are quite a few showstoppers in this project and one of them is the large yellow sectional in the living area. Yellow and black are a classic colour combination and we knew it was the perfect choice for this project. We felt that black metal was the best accent of choice to work with the loft feel and was incorporated in the many legs of the accent pieces such as drink tables, side tables and chairs.

A view from the living area through large glass doors with black frames into the library with colourful book collection on custom-designed shelves

Another show stopping moment is the library. Originally a den with a much smaller opening, we opened up the room to really exaggerate the height of this loft. A custom window and door system measuring 10' by 10' was designed with our metalsmith team to bring as much natural light in this room as possible and incorporate the industrial aesthetic. Custom-designed shelves house our clients extensive book collection and special care was taken into consideration as we had to work with the existing HVAC and conduit locations in addition to the ceiling height changes from the concrete slab poured. Our client also dreamed of having a ladder in their library which we jumped at the chance to include with such a high space to work with.

We worked with the existing sliding doors and rails in this unit, but they were a dated yellowish natural wood colour. Our solution was to prime and paint them black, so they spoke with the other elements in the loft.

Finally, the primary bedroom is a touch more subtle with a large king bed in a soft grey wool fabric. A colourful artwork piece the client owned hangs overhead with walnut accent tables on either end.

Monochrome grey and white bedroom with colourful artwork above the headboard and colourful pillows

This chic loft, meticulously adorned in the timeless elegance of neutral blacks, greys and whites, transforms into a vibrant masterpiece with carefully curated splashes of color and industrial touches. The result is an aesthetic symphony where each element plays its part, creating a harmonious blend of sophistication and energy. From the sleek industrial details to the lively bursts of color, this loft truly embraces modern urban living.

Luca Campacci

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