This forever home is anything but ordinary

This forever home is anything but ordinary

This end unit condo in a wooded area of Kitchener was as basic as they come, with builder grade finishes and elements, and most importantly, an unfunctional layout. Our clients had decided to downsize from a larger home with their daughters, and hired us to design a modern, sleek, and customized forever home tailored to their lifestyle and create a light and airy interior with unique touches throughout.

Interior Designer: Sarah Turner, ARIDO
Design Firm: Head Turner Designs
Photographer: Jason Hartog

Our creative process began by collaborating with an engineer during the procurement stage to ensure the feasibility of eliminating the sizable column situated awkwardly at an angled peninsula in the middle of the countertop. Once the engineer approved this modification, we had the flexibility to expand the floor plan and effectively double the size of the kitchen. 

The island was intricately designed to serve a dual function, allowing seating on both sides with stools that can be conveniently tucked beneath the countertop. When viewed from the living room, the fluted base of the island is revealed behind the elegant emerald green and gold low backed chairs, and on the kitchen side, stools are positioned for enjoying coffee and engaging in conversation with guests.

To let even more light flow into the kitchen space, we opened up the stairs and removed the outdated wooden railing in the loft area looking down at the living and kitchen and replaced it with a modern glass partition. 

Slat wall that runs along the entire length of the stair, from the main entrance foyer to the kitchen and living spaces, is reminiscent of the slats on the kitchen island, not only adding interest in the interior but creating a cohesive and unified look throughout the entire home. The slat wall was also built to conceal the closet and entry to the garage, blending in all the doors seamlessly, and was backed with a felt material to improve the overall acoustics in the space, and minimize sound travel with the newly open staircase.

In the living room and kitchen, beams were added to the double height ceiling as a decorative detail. By repeating some of the white oak we used for flooring on another plane in the space, the ceiling is no longer plain white which adds interest, and creates balance and continuity in the space. We added a bold, statement light fixture in rose gold called ‘Melt’ by Tom Dickson to add another touch of luxury in the interior.

The fireplace we custom designed instantly became a feature in this home as it accentuates the height of the ceilings by drawing the eye up upon entering the room. By keeping the wall colour light, we created a contrast to the dramatic veining in the stone. A lighting reveal was designed under the fireplace, which is consistent with the lighting under the kitchen island to illuminate the white oak fluting.

In the bathroom, the floating high lacquer-finish vanity in Emerald green with built-in motion sensor lighting underneath is perfectly complemented by the white oak look porcelain tile, making the entire space look sleek and modern, and most importantly, custom suited for our clients. The in-floor heating adds another layer of comfort and customization in the space. All the integrated lighting details throughout the home were kept below the peripheral level to provide an indirect light source used in the evenings to encourage relaxation and improve sleep quality by supporting their natural circadian rhythm.

Our client’s sewing hobby is very important to her, so it was a natural choice to convert the spare bedroom in the house into a custom spacious and airy sewing room. We equipped it with a mobile island, a sewing machine that is integrated into the counter so the work surface is flush with the counter  top. We also thought it was important to design custom floor to ceiling millwork for ample storage for supplies. A true sewing haven!

This sleek and stylish forever home, meticulously crafted with custom design elements, stands as a testament to the perfect fusion of modern aesthetics and family-friendly functionality. From the welcoming front door to the thoughtfully designed living spaces and the practical yet chic kitchen, every detail has been tailored to enhance the daily lives of our clients. This light and airy home is not just about style; it's a reflection of a family's unique identity and a commitment to creating lasting memories in a space that effortlessly combines design with the practical needs of everyday life.

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