ARIDO’s New Mentorship Program Now Available

  • Published on: Jan 30, 2024

Picture this: a future of interior design where today's icons guide and inspire tomorrow's leaders. That's what ARIDO envisions.

In 2020, ARIDO undertook a journey and commitment to step up as leaders within the interior design community to advance equity, diversity, and inclusion. ARIDO’s overall goal is to build on its recent progress and prioritize diversity, equity, and accessibility for the ARIDO community and future talent pipelines.

ARIDO’s current work plan includes the implementation of a new a mentorship program intended to support the education and professional development of ARIDO members. We're thrilled to introduce the ARIDO STAR Leadership Mentorship Program, a paradigm-shifting partnership with JennAir.

A key factor of member retention, engagement and long-term commitment to an organization is the opportunity for business growth, professional development, and mentorship. This is especially important when it comes to the needs of diverse and marginalized communities, that have been underrepresented in most industries, including Interior Design.

ARIDO’s success as leaders within the Interior Design sector includes partnerships with other industry organizations whose intent, focus and passion align with ARIDO’s values as an organization that is striving for actional change.  It is also vital in ensuring those that we partner with are as open and committed to change as we are. As part of our commitment, ARIDO understands and honours its responsibility as a leader in this sector to forge new pathways that advance equity and diversity through new actionable programs and initiatives. We see this mentorship program, in partnership with JennAir as an exciting new initiative built to help us drive change.

The ARIDO mentorship program, is not just about mentorship; it is about enhancing a sense of community and collaboration, disrupting the status quo, and paving the way for more diverse leaders to thrive and inspire a brighter future for interior design. Together, we can create opportunities that highlight the experiences of our participants and pave a pathway for their growth, thus creating the next generation of inclusive thought leaders. This is an exciting time for both organizations and those that will be supported in the Elevate Mentorship Program.

The Elevate Mentorship program, at the second tier, is the STAR Leadership program that focuses on cross training mid-career, high potential talent on key leadership competencies through one-on-one guidance from senior level professionals. It also provides an opportunity for experienced leaders to participate in coaching and guidance initiatives to develop the next wave of leadership.

We're not just connecting generations but creating a platform where wisdom and innovation converge. This is an opportunity for aspiring design professionals to learn from established leaders, stoking a symbiotic flow of creativity, collaboration, and leadership.

This program isn't just 'another initiative' – it is the heartbeat of our commitment to nurturing the future of interior design. And the engine powering this program? It's none other than Matrix360.

We are grateful to the ongoing leadership of our partners at Matrix360 for guiding ARIDO’s leadership and instilling a roadmap, to a more inclusive, diverse, and thriving community.

For more information about the program, click here.

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