Home Trends for 2024

Home Trends for 2024

It happens every year. It's totally normal. Things just change. Nothing stays the same. You might love one or two of these trends. You might hate one or two of these trends or all of them, in fact… But I guarantee, you do not have to adopt any of these trends unless you want to. Guaranteed.

I love showing you all the changes in design but that doesn't mean I like them all… I have my own love/hate relationship with trends!

A Permanent Home Office

Working from home has become more common and even popular in recent years, especially due to the pandemic. And although some homes have always had a room dedicated to an office setting, many of us are going all out to create a space that feels more permanent, more intentional and even more design-worthy since we're spending so much time working from home.

I love the idea of making that home office really feel like it's part of your own personal space, or reflecting your home's overall look. In the past, we've been relegated to our work interior and it's brand aesthetics… But now, your home office is an extension of you! You can design it any way you like. Special wall treatments and great colour are a great way to motivate you, day in and day out. With video calls being such a big part of our online work day, designing an office that looks great and reflects your own aesthetic is important!

Mid-Century Modern

One of the design styles from the past that seems timeless and ever-popular is mid-century modern. And it's still such a big trend!
With it's sleek lines, organic shapes and focus on functional design, it's everything that we love about Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. So while I love the idea and concept of mid-century modern and I love some of these iconic pieces, I'm less inclined to love the trend of a whole space designed around this one style.

Character Rich Rooms

A big trend is character rich rooms. These are spaces that are unique to you! They look like they evolved over time and were not just purchased straight out of a catalogue.
This is definitely not the kind of interior that matches. It's an interior full of memories, full of eclectic pieces, full of personality. And it's all about you. So yes… Let's have more of this trend!

Curved Furniture

Curves are everywhere. Curved sofas have been on furniture showroom floors for a few years and that will continue. Curvilinear and flowy furniture, rounded shapes - all of this can now be seen in chairs, coffee tables, rugs and cabinetry.

Although I think some spaces are perfect for a curvy couch… Most of us don't live in spaces that make this type of couch the perfect choice. But I love curved furniture and curved cabinetry. I think it adds an unexpected shape to something that tends to be more basic and square.

Joyful Interiors

This trend is unapologetically fun. It's all about joy and creating a space that radiates positivity and energy. It's bright colours. It's bold colours. If you're someone that loves bold and vibrant colour, this trend might be for you. The key to this trend is to mix colours that are evenly weighted in their intensities. They all stand out together.

Colour Drenching

And here's another colour focused trend… It's called Colour Drenching. And it looks exactly as it sounds. Pick a colour and drench your room in that colour. This monochromatic look is has been used to make spaces feel seamless, allowing rooms to feel larger and unspectacular details like radiators to disappear into that colour. The idea is to treat every surface with the same colour. It takes real commitment!

The latest trends in interior design reflect some of our deep desires. We want warmer spaces. We want more colour. We want more fun. We want to be closer to nature. We want to showcase our own personalities. One thing that never changes… Design does not stand still. It's always changing. And the best trend for you and your home is the one that best reflects you and your taste. So here's to our love/hate relationship with trends!

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