ARIDO Communications Committee 2023/24

  • Published on: Sep 20, 2023

We’re thrilled to present the ARIDO committees for 2023/24. These individuals have stepped forward to advance ARIDO’s current Strategic Plan and build equity, diversity, and inclusion into all that we do.

We’d like to thank everyone who raised their hand to participate and we can’t wait to see how you advance ARIDO’s work this year!

The Communications Committee is the group of strategic and tech-savvy individuals who want to increase engagement from members!

ARIDO Communications Committee
ARIDO Communications Committee

Using their creative insight, they brainstorm more ways members can provide feedback to ARIDO, facilitate discussion about real experiences, and work to remove barriers to participation for all members.

This Committee is dedicated to sharing more member experiences and thinking about the ways ARIDO can hear from ALL members.

The 2023/24 Communications Committee is:

Jude Kamal, ARIDO
Brooke Anderson, ARIDO
Mohamad Ayoun, Intern, ARIDO
Aliaa Abdul, Intern, ARIDO
Ang Chhimi Sherpa, Student, ARIDO
Emaa Abbood, Intern, ARIDO
Enrica Capuano, ARIDO

Kirpa Channa, Student, ARIDO
Mary Li, Student, ARIDO
Samantha Glenn, Student, ARIDO
Vishwa Panchal, Student, ARIDO
Maia Stamatov, staff
Ali Moenck, staff