Interior Design Month Open Studio: Call for Studio Participants

  • Published on: Aug 30, 2023
Open Studio

Be part of Interior Design Month by opening your firm to your local community! 

This new initiative for Interior Design Month is intended to connect the public (both residential and commercial clients) to qualified interior designers to:

  • Educate the public directly on the scope of interior design and why a qualified/Registered Interior Designer
  • Demystify or debunk misconceptions and misunderstandings of the capabilities, scope, and work of qualified interior designers.
  • Build confidence in the value of interior design and inspire the public to engage ARIDO members.

We are looking for Registered Members across Ontario who are interested in opening their company’s doors for  scheduled open studio day(s) which will be promoted by ARIDO as part of Interior Design Month. 

How can you participate? 

Open Studio Activities include:

  • Studio tour – visit a design studio and learn what interior designers do and how they design projects.
  • Education – opportunity for qualified interior designers to educate on their expertise and services – debunk misconceptions.
  • Design Q&A’s – opportunities for the public to connect with interior designers and ask preliminary questions related to potential or upcoming projects, ie. budget, pre-planning, design process.

Responsibilities of the Design Firm

(All participating firms must be owned by a Registered Interior Designer. If it is an Architectural Firm, the lead of the design department should be a Registered Member.) 

  • Determine dates, time slots and locations to open their design firm to public.
  • Identify areas within their design firm that are open to the public and how the public will navigate and flow in and out of space.
  • Ensure that occupancy limits are adhered to.
  • Identify which studio team members to participate and their roles during the event.
  • Identify firm branded materials to be laid out at locations to promote the firm and firm’s work.
  • Contact list for the public to leave their information with the design firm for potential projects.

Responsibilities of ARIDO

  • Promote all locations on identified public channels, including local and provincial media platforms
  • Provide ARIDO branded resources for use during Open Studio.
  • Manage public registration, and provide information to firm
  • Recruit student volunteers for sites as required.

Deadline: September 15th, 2023

ARIDO will conduct a preparatory call with all participating design firms on September 22nd, 2023

ARIDO will handle promotion and registration, and advise you of the registered participants. ARIDO will provide signage for your studio and to guide participants to the space. ARIDO will also provide tools which you can use to explain the value and process of Registered Interior Designers and ARIDO’s work throughout Ontario. 

Recommended Framework 

5 minutes - Welcome & intro to firm and the value of a Registered Interior Designer

15-30 minutes - Studio tour, introduction to the firm, years in practice, overview of interior design process, protected title ‘Interior Designer’, scope of interior design

30 minutes - Design Q&A’s - opportunity for attendees to ask questions 

5 minutes - closing remarks

Questions? Please contact Ali Moenck,