BID projects – Conestoga College

BID projects – Conestoga College

We are thrilled to continue our celebration of the class of 2023 from Ontario ARIDO-recognized schools this year. This is our third year of posting graduating student work on BLOG//ARIDO and we are pleased to share their accomplishments with the ARIDO community and beyond.

 ARIDO has worked with these schools to promote a selection of 4th year BID student work on BLOG//ARIDO and will be posting the work each Wednesday during May and June.

Adam Herfst - Hawk River Inn: Boutique Hotel

Hawk River Inn is a boutique hotel designed for the comfort and revival of the patrons, and a place where the natural environment is cared for through a sustainable design. The patrons visiting the hotel will be comfortable and experience revival through the design of the interior spaces and the amenities and activities provided. Patrons will be drawn to spend time outside enjoying the natural environment, having full immersion into nature.

The hotel will provide flexible indoor spaces to be used for indoor activities, workshops, conferences, and other learning experiences. The design of the hotel will be a place that sustains the natural environment, rather than detracting from it. Materials and furniture selected will be durable and manufactured locally within Ontario to reduce transportation emissions and increase life cycle. Hawk River Inn will contribute
positively to the well being of patrons and the natural environment.

Julianna Penrith - The Junction Brewpub

The Junction Brewpub aims to invite young adults to spend time with friends, indulge in locally brewed beer and connect with others within the community. The Junction Brewpub achieved LEED Platinum and WELL Building Silver Certification. The brewpub provides a casual setting that is easy-going with a warm and vibrant colour scheme.

Bright, natural and artificial warm lighting fills the space, along with antique style signage that guides patrons throughout. The Junction Brewpub pays homage to the history of its location with an industrial aesthetic with character and architectural style reminiscent of the original CN Rail Building. The inclusive and accessible design will ensure the space is functional and accommodating for all members of the community.

The Junction Brewpub’s purpose is to provide the community with a local entertainment brewpub that maintains a sustainable design to keep the health and well-being of everyone as the main priority.

Melissa Martina - The Foundry

The Foundry is a supportive housing facility that aids youth ages 16 to 25 in exiting chronic homelessness by providing shelter and supportive programs focusing on rehabilitation and community integration. The facility is located within the former South Works Foundry adjacent to the Grand River in downtown Galt. The interior has been adapted for new use using a balance of modern and historic elements that honour and preserve the history of the building and surrounding community.

The Foundry is a trauma-informed, inclusive and welcoming environment that embraces the complexities of homeless youth and considers the full range of human diversity. The design utilizes elements of territorial identity to allow for the definition and confirmation of identity within a shared space. The Foundry addresses many of the underlying causes of youth homelessness through a system of age-appropriate supports, reducing the impacts of homelessness on the community and greater Waterloo Region.


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