BID projects – Sheridan College

BID projects – Sheridan College

We are thrilled to continue our celebration of the class of 2023 from Ontario ARIDO-recognized schools this year. This is our third year of posting graduating student work on BLOG//ARIDO and we are pleased to share their accomplishments with the ARIDO community and beyond.

 ARIDO has worked with these schools to promote a selection of 4th year BID student work on BLOG//ARIDO and will be posting the work each Wednesday during May and June.

Haley Lee-Thomas - ART House

Centred around biophilic design, ART (Ability Reconnecting Together) House is a wellness and community centre dedicated in providing young adults struggling with their mental health, with a place to heal through artistic expression. A variety of art making opportunities such as pottery and ceramics, painting, music, and dance will be readily available to help manage and improve the social, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing of occupants.

The design of the facility addresses the need for healing mental health by encouraging social interaction and human connection by providing occupants with multiple areas for community gathering. Each space within the facility captures and embodies organic textures and nature-like elements so that users may experience the stimulating and comforting benefits of nature. By further enhancing the facility with universal design elements as well as LEED and WELL building standards, ART House can offer a unique program that supports an inclusive user experience for everyone.

Jessica Kirk - RADIATE - A facility tailored to Seasonal Affective Disorder

The purpose behind Radiate is to provide a restorative refuge that reflects characteristics lost during winter. Access to nature, social connection and inclusive fitness environments will provide a gateway to health benefiting amenities which are greatly impacted by seasonal depression. The facility will allow balanced lifestyles to thrive year-round, bridging the seasonal gap Ontario residents experience.

During research, it became clear that S.A.D needed to be addressed within community centres. In a survey I conducted, 92% of respondents indicated an overall decline in mood during winter due to the cold, grey landscape, and 96% of respondents indicated feeling less motivated and physically active during this time. The results expressed the great need for positive indoor spaces during winter that allow individuals to stay socially connected, physically active and promote mental wellness.

Overall, Radiate will help change the narrative of winter, sparking vibrancy and connection during desolate times of the year.

Jordyn Apter - Ways Bereavement Center

Ways Bereavement Center was designed to provide comfort and support to individuals who have lost a partner. Meticulously designed, the facility provides a haven where grieving individuals can find healing spaces for personal introspection as well as community areas to connect with others facing similar experiences.

The center features a diverse range of programs such as the "Cook and Learn" initiative, an indoor garden, multi-use fitness rooms, one-on-one and group therapy sessions, innovative virtual reality (VR) therapy, educational opportunities, art therapy, a quiet room, and an auditorium. These programs cater to various aspects of the grieving process, promoting holistic healing and personal growth.

The center includes multiple community gathering zones and individual spaces to foster a sense of belonging and shared support. Ultimately, the goal of the center is to provide a welcoming, supportive, and adaptable space that promotes healing and well-being for all occupants throughout the grieving process.

Kyra Rutherford - THE HEALTH HUB

The Health Hub was designed with the use of biophilic design elements to create a safe and
comfortable space for healing. With an emphasis on biophilic design, repetition and balance. The
Health Hub specifically focuses on healing, and overall health and wellness during all stages of

The facility has a variety of different offerings for all occupants including, a teaching
kitchen, cafe, virtual reality rehabilitation, sports psychologists and therapists, return to sport
gym, zero gravity treadmills, training gym and treatment rooms. With these offerings it makes
this a specific facility, allowing for comfort of all occupants and patients.

The overall idea of The Health Hub was to create a space where people could gather and encourage each other through treatments and recovery while also ensuring all patients received the best treatment they could.

McKenna Ansara - FOUNDATIONS Life Skills & Learning Centre

Located in the heart of Oakville, FOUNDATIONS Life Skills Learning and Resource Centre is devoted to supporting and uplifting young adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Through its design, the centre aims to facilitate learning, socialization, and independence to ensure adults with ASD have equal access to opportunities and a safe space to connect with the community.

The design places an emphasis on the two key areas pictured (Community Café & Connection Hub). With their organic form and strategic placement within the centre; these areas shape the main radial circulation paths that unify surrounding program spaces and promote movement.

Overall occupant experience is enhanced using biomimicry, integrated technology, and opportunities for choice-making. Through education and experience, this facility embraces the individual needs and learning styles of its users with virtual and onsite programs.


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