A new design standardizes this office as a great place to work

A new design standardizes this office as a great place to work

This space is a pilot project for a Federal Government Department, headquartered in downtown Ottawa.

This was their first full application of the GC Workplace standard, which is an unassigned, activity-based design methodology meant to foster productivity and collaboration among government employees.

Interior Designers: Bryan Wiens, ARIDO
Design Team: Kalmn Simmons, Intern ARIDO
Design Firm: LWG Architectural Interiors
Photographer: Kevin Belanger

Open collaborative area with tables and benches with geometric lighting above

Above and beyond simply test-driving this standard, a primary goal of this project was to create a stunning destination space that would draw people back to the office.

We achieved this by ensuring the menu of work points and support spaces provided truly reflect activities that occur when people choose to come into the office; encouraging and supporting their purposeful presence. These interiors are designed to support different activities such as working, collaborating, learning, and focusing.

There is less focus on workstations, with emphasis placed on formal and informal interactive spaces. All occupants have equal access to the work settings provided in this space.

Providing users with choice is just one way they can be empowered through design. This office provides a flexible and agile environment for the employees with a variety of activity zones, from open, collaborative areas to more private and quiet spaces.

Lounge area with blue graphic wall detail and added accent with orange details like furniture
A more private area enclosed with glass walls

The colours and finishes we used in these government offices are fresh and clean; the calming blues and grays with orange accents create a colourful palette, which is  not oversaturated or overstimulating. Architectural elements such as wood slat screens and felt panels are used to support and delineate active zones from quieter, heads-down work areas. 

Lighting we used throughout the space helps to reinforce wayfinding by subtly leading the occupants along hallways and attracting them to  certain areas in the space.

It also provides implicit cues about the activity levels of the various spaces; from brighter functional lighting that keeps the employees energized and ups their concentration level, to warmer, softer light for more casual interactions in the kitchen area, for example.

Kitchen area with large island and seating and accent orange pendants above

This pilot project using the GC Workplace standard was designed to attract employees back to the office with interactive spaces that foster productivity, innovation and collaboration.  With this new design approach we have created a destination for federal workers and a truly great place to work they will surely enjoy with their colleagues.

Bryan Wiens

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