This transformation begins with an interesting design inspiration

This transformation begins with an interesting design inspiration

Our sails are up and we are off to the races. We’re thrilled that you’re joining us for episode two of ‘what are we doing here?’.

In this episode the Trinity House Inn begins its transformation. We took a full inventory of the hotel's treasures, keeping the real and unique pieces. This includes many of the original gilded mirrors, solid club chairs, and a Little Bo Peep painting. 

Now, we have to admit, our design inspiration didn’t come instantly. There are many places a design can start. It can be from the personality of the homeowner, an object, or the environment that surrounds the space. 

We started where all interesting and dramatic stories do - with a family. We kept the original room names and assigned a personality to each. This way we always had someone to anchor all our design choices back to. Stick with us here, this is where it gets fun. 

Beaurivage is the eccentric grandfather of the family. His room is the main level accessible suite that houses all of his trinkets and worldly collections. 

The sisters, Constance and Georgina share the garden view rooms. These rooms are light filled and reflective of the sisters cheerful and elegant personalities. Down the hall is their parents room, which is the regal two bedroom suite. 

Our imagined family isn’t the only driving factor in this project. For Milton and Anne-Marie, family is how and why they are taking on this project. They tell us the story behind the circumstances that led them to buy the Trinity House Inn and give us insight to the property and the history behind it.

Tune into episode two of "What are we doing here?" on our YouTube channel.

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