ARIDO’s Committees are Recruiting!

  • Published on: Apr 24, 2023
Group of people gathered around a table with the caption - ARIDO's Committees Are Recruiting

Have you wanted to take a larger part in impacting ARIDO’s work?

If you’re interested in adding your experience and insight to move the 2023/25 Strategic Plan forward, and be part of our collective advancement of equity, diversity, and inclusion, think about joining one of ARIDO’s committees!

These committees work on advancing LINK: ARIDO’s Strategic Plan by providing guidance and insight. They meet virtually each month for 1-2 hours, and it’s also a chance to complete professional development credits for volunteering! (1 credit per year, 2 max per cycle)

If you’re interested in being involved with ARIDO’s Communications, Emerging Professionals, Equity, Diversity, Accessibility and Advancement, Membership, Provincial Advocacy, or Practice Advisory work , think about getting involved!

We are also recruiting people who want to be involved with Interior Design Week this year!

We need perspectives from everyone! If you’re a Student or Intern, this can be a great way to be connected with practicing Interior Designers, and if you’re a Retired member, a chance to provide your expertise to the next generation!

If you're part of the industry and want to be involved, don't fret! We are continuing to invite industry partners to take part in ARIDO’s committees

Please submit your name and experience to the form below by May 5th.

ARIDO is committed to ensuring these committees reflect under-represented groups such as Black, Indigenous and people of colour, the LGBTQ2S+ and other marginalized individuals currently within and emerging into the interior design profession.

You can read more about each committee mandate by reviewing the terms of reference below.

Committees for Registered members:

ARIDO Awards Judge

  • must be a Registered member who is not submitting projects for 2023
  • expertise in the sectors for the 2023 categories is preferred: CARE, EAT+STAY, LEARN, WORK, CRAFT, DISTINCT, PRESERVE+RESTORE
  • Projects submitted this year will have been completed between January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2020
  • Judging takes place over two days in summer 2023

ICRS Reviewers

  • must be a Registered & Registered Educator member with min 10 years practical experience
  • must have effective communication skills to provide constructive feedback
  • awareness of current minimum education equivalencies
  • experience with marking/evaluation skills is an asset
  • awareness of personal biases, evidence, and statements may be from different backgrounds, nationalities, and experiences
  • unbiased during the assessment of evidence

Questions? Contact Irma Kemp