A holistic design approach that serves up a warm and relaxing atmosphere

A holistic design approach that serves up a warm and relaxing atmosphere

Located on Kerr St. in Oakville, Wet Coffee is a café that embodies "coffee culture" and exceptional service. Founded by a young businesswoman passionate about great coffee, Wet Coffee brings a slice of Toronto's inviting café community to downtown Oakville.

Designer: Jude Kamal, ARIDO

Design Firm: Sansa Interiors

Photography: Sansa Interiors

When approached with the dream of creating a welcoming space where community and coffee thrive, we immediately jumped at the opportunity. We specialize in utilizing nature-inspired elements and holistic design to enhance customer experience, making Sansa Interiors the perfect fit for this project. With neutral tones and a focus on natural materials, our design creates an inviting and relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a cup of coffee, catching up with friends or doing work.

The rounded counter with wooden slat detail in the base is on the left as one walks in and the seating with tables is on the right

Our client has traveled the world in pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee and has honed her skills in sourcing the best beans, understanding how they are harvested and processed, and knowing the optimal temperature to serve a fresh cup. She believes that coffee tastes best when wet-processed, which requires attention to every step after harvesting.

Simple seating area along the wall of the cafe as one walks in, with plain walls behind and simple white pendants. The comfy coushins bring in a calming colour palette

Inspired by the natural beauty of the coffee bean, and the intricate process of creating exceptional coffee, our client built her café's brand around the beverage's natural elements such as the soft curves of the bean, hand-made excellence, and a deep respect for nature.

By creating a cohesive brand identity for Wet Coffee café our team designed a unique and inviting space that reflects the client's values and vision. Using the Wet Coffee logo as a starting point, we crafted a warm and welcoming café that emphasizes community, natural materials, and biophilic design principles.

A wall of merchandise including coffee beans and some clothing items
A little cozy lounge area at the very back of the store with furniture in blush pink and colourful abstract art on the walls

The key element of the design is the rounded main bar with natural wood detailing, which welcomes guests and guides them through the space. The colour palette, curved and organic forms, live plants, and floor-to-ceiling glass windows all contribute to creating a sense of calm and connection to nature, inviting customers to enjoy a cup of coffee and community experience.

Our focus on minimalism and neutral design elements not only creates a visually pleasing space, but also enhances the overall customer experience by putting the focus on the café's specialty: exceptional coffee. The clean and simple design also allows unique features to take center stage and attract customers who appreciate this design philosophy.


cafe interior design in oakville

The final outcome of the project was a stunning design that seamlessly blended functionality and aesthetics. Our team successfully delivered on the client's dream of creating a playful and welcoming space reminiscent of Toronto's bustling café scene.

The result was a rich, layered design that was both visually appealing and highly functional. This café is now an inviting Oakville destination for locals and visitors alike. We are proud to have played a role in creating this unique space and can't wait to visit and work from it ourselves.

Jude Kamal

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