This beautifully redesigned retail space puts fashion forward

This beautifully redesigned retail space puts fashion forward

To increase market share, Bellissima underwent a rebranding and approached us to assist with translating their branding vision across their 12 stores. We were tasked with creating a boutique shopping experience that would improve foot traffic for a better flow through the space, encourage impulse purchases, and attract a younger demographic while maintaining their existing clientele. 

Interior Designer: Jerilyn Wright, ARIDO
Design Firm: Jerilyn Wright & Associates Interior Design Consultants Ltd.
Photographer: Caleb Salomons

Our strategy was to tour the existing stores and analyze them based on a branding and design viewpoint from the customer’s perspective. We looked at three areas; Store Front and Entry Experience, Merchandise Floor Experience, and Transaction Functionality. 

We found the impression upon entry to be underwhelming and cluttered as the store fronts and transactions area had no branding and were quite disorganized. There was little flow through the store layout which often resulted in circulation struggles. Change rooms lacked a seating area and were typically dimly lit, and the lighting throughout was harsh and not flattering. 

The client wished to  attract a younger demographic so we decided the word Bellissima should be removed from the front of the store and replaced with a more updated and youthful commissioned art piece featuring the letter "B" surrounded with flowers. The branding was carried through into the store with color application, bags, and wrapping paper. 

We utilized natural materials and artistic touches along with comfortable, homely vignettes throughout the space to create an inviting boutique shopping experience. To encourage foot traffic through the entire store, we purposefully located a very large custom ceiling graphic in the centre to visually draw the customers in.

Uninterrupted track lights were placed along the ceiling which were meant to mimic a fashion “catwalk” and direct the customers into the depths of the store, while illuminating the merchandise.

To create a consistent design concept that can be adapted to all the store locations, we designed custom racking that allows for feature displays and showcasing accessories. The middle panels also function as a display backdrop where a mannequin, or featured products can be showcased at each end.

The partitions are duplicated on the store walls and can be fitted with shelves for display if required. This custom racking system also provides slightly obstructed views to encourage the shopper to venture deeper into the store and explore, thus increasing circulation and time spent browsing. 

The change rooms and soft cozy seating at the back of the store also draw people back to this area. Various vignettes that function as displays for jewelry and clothing, like the mid century style wooden dressers and lounge areas, are tucked among the merchandise throughout in an effort to increase impulse purchases while mimicking an inviting, home-like environment.

The philosophy behind the design was to ensure the store was approachable, welcoming, and accessible to all. With the application of the new design, the redesigned location sales have far exceeded the other unrenovated locations, while maintaining their longtime customers, and attracting a younger, more diverse demographic.

Jerilyn Wright

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