Proposed Slate for the 2023/24 ARIDO Board of Management

  • Published on: Jan 27, 2023

At the Annual General Meeting on March 30, 2023 the names of three new Directors elected to the ARIDO Board of Management will be announced.  The election of a President for a second term will be announced, as there was no interest from the membership in this position.  Every Registered member is encouraged to participate in the nomination and election process.

An initial notice and call for nominations was sent to the ARIDO membership on November 21, 2022. With that call, interest for 3 open Director positions was received. No interest was expressed for the President-elect position. In addition, Sabrina Carinci has expressed interest to run for a second elected term as President to provide consistent leadership to the organization related to the ARIDO/OAA Direct Regulation Model, as progress around this initiative will increase in 2023.

In accordance with ARIDO By-law No. 1, Section 3. A, 5 a President can serve two consecutive elected terms as President but cannot exceed a second term.

As a result, the appointment for President-elect will serve as President-elect for two years (2023 & 2024), accede to the role of President in March 2025 and serve as Past-President in 2026, making this a four-year Board term.

The Nominating Committee has considered those members who expressed an interest in the Board of Management. As required in Section 7.00(C) of By-Law No. 1, we include the slate of candidates proposed by the Nominating Committee:

Candidate for the Position of President for a second term: Sabrina Carinci

Candidate for the Position of President-Elect: (four-year term): Vacant

Candidates for the position of Director on the Board of Management (three-year term):
(click on candidate's name to read their bio)

Beverly Horii
Jeremy Cheff
Neal Prabhu

The following Elected Directors will complete their terms on the Board of Management as follows:

Jennifer Warling, Past President - March 2024
Bryan Wiens, Director - March 2024
Joanne Chan, Director - March 2024
Jude Kamal, Director - March 2024
Robin Fraser, Director - March 2025
Sabrina Carinci, President - March 2026

This is a final opportunity to nominate a Registered member, for the position of Elected Director or President-elect, providing that the member nominated meets the eligibility criteria for the position for which they are nominated. Please click here for the nomination form.

Candidates for the President-elect position must have served and completed a full term as an elected director on the Board of Management, a Chapter President or as a member of an ARIDO Standing Committee or task force of the Association at least once in the 15 years prior to the date of the election.

Nominations must be submitted in writing, seconded by no fewer than three Registered members in good standing, and received at the ARIDO office no later than Friday, February 17, 2023.

If any additional candidates are nominated by the Registered Membership:

  • You will receive a ballot and short biographies of all the candidates.
  • You will be asked to send in your vote (by ballot) to the ARIDO office in advance of the Annual General Meeting.
  • The results of the vote will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

If there are no further nominations from the Registered Membership:

  • The slate proposed by the Nominating Committee will be elected by acclamation.
  • No ballots or voting will take place.
  • The directors elected by acclamation will be announced at the Annual General Meeting.

The ARIDO Board of Management guides the management of the affairs of the Association on behalf of its membership.

The Nominating Committee thanks those Registered members who have agreed to take on this responsibility.

Respectfully submitted,

Nominating Committee

David Gibbons - Chair
Lucia De Biasio - Board of Governors
Sue Bennett - Board of Governors
Sheri Crawford - Board of Governors
Cori Halpern - Registered Member
Jana Macalik - Registered Member