National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia – January 29th

  • Published on: Jan 27, 2023

January 29th marks the second National Day of Remembrance and Action Against Islamophobia. On this day in 2017, after the evening prayer at the Islamic Cultural Centre in Québec City, an Islamophobic white supremacist shot and killed six Muslim men as they prayed. Many more people were injured. 

Six years later, the traumatic loss of lives still echoes in Muslim communities across this country and is a reminder of why we must always stand against hate in all its forms.  Today we remember this senseless act of violence and reflect on the ongoing presence of Islamophobia, xenophobia, and racism in Canadian society. 

In January 2020, Muslim communities initiated the Green Square Campaign of solidarity and hope. The campaign encourages all Canadians to wear a patch of green fabric in memory of the victims and with everyone who continues to suffer the consequences of this hateful violence.

At ARIDO we encourage everyone to wear a green square today to show their support and dedication against Islamophobia and all forms of racism and discrimination in the workplace and in our diverse communities. 

On this date, and everyday let us continue to support organizations leading this fight and continue to affirm our solidarity with Muslim communities across Canada.