Recap: ARIDO’s annual Strategic Planning process

  • Published on: Nov 23, 2022

On Friday November 18th, members of the Board of Management and staff met to take part in a leadership workshop. This was to replace the association’s annual Strategic Planning process which traditionally takes place in November.

The decision to hold a leadership workshop versus a strategic planning session was intended to further support the Board of Management and staff in the equity, diversity, and inclusion work that is now a large focus for the organization in everything we do.

The session was facilitated by ARIDO’s Equity, Diversity, Advancement, and Accessibility Consultant Chandran Fernando of Matrix360 and Karlyn Percil-Mercieca, Inclusion Strategist and CEO of KDPM Consulting Group.

Karlyn led the group through the LEAP to Equity introductory program which focuses on building emotionally resilient teams and equitable leaders in the workplace.

With guidance from Chandran and Karlyn, the workshop focused on emotional insight, belonging, equitable leadership, personal biases, and how all these concepts relate to ARIDO’s work and Strategic Plan.

This session will guide the updates to ARIDO’s Strategic Plan for 2023 and the action items stemming from the Diversity and Equity Workplace Audit (DEWA) Report, and how ARIDO’s leadership team can strengthen the path forward with new insights and human connections from leadership workshop.