3 Reasons to Hire a Registered BCIN Interior Designer in Ontario

3 Reasons to Hire a Registered BCIN Interior Designer in Ontario

Are you thinking about renovating your home or making an addition? 

It can be challenging to decide whether to take on the design yourself, hire a contractor or a professional designer.

Many people think that they need an Architect or an Engineer to help them with the drawings and permit application. Still, another class of designers can assist you and help you with all the details of your project: a Registered Interior Designer.

Here are three reasons a Registered Interior Designer is the perfect fit for your next major renovation project:


Whenever a homeowner wants to construct, demolish, or renovate, almost any change to an existing building requires a permit from the City. And when a permit is required, permit drawings are needed.

Homeowners can choose to take this task upon themselves; however, if they do, they are taking on all of the project's risk and liability if something goes wrong. Also, there is a ton of details and coordination that needs to go into drawings for permit application. So even if you know the construction, knowing design and drafting is an entirely different matter. 

A Registered Interior Designer is qualified to create construction drawings and file for building permits on your behalf. Since you need drawings to apply for your permit, why not work with a registered, insured, and educated professional?



In 2006 Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing issued Bill 124, allowing licensed designers to streamline the building permit process across Ontario. 

A Registered Interior Designer can help you with any project you are planning to do in your home. They can help design and construct a one-storey residential house and up to three storeys, with a building area of 600 square meters (6458 square feet) or less.

Compare to the architects, an interior designer is looking at the building from inside out, thinking through all details and functionality of the space. Working with an architect will be a different experience where some important aspects might be left off for the construction phase, for the owner and a general contractor to sort out.

Of course, the choice is personal, but having a Registered Interior Designer on board will provide you with all the necessary expertise and knowledge at a much better price.



Design and construction are stressful and time-consuming processes. They bring many changes to your day-to-day lifestyle. Therefore having a detailed and coordinated set of drawings is much safer when construction kicks into your door. A well-drawn and thought-through construction set of drawings will save you, the homeowner, time, money and frustration.

Having experience working on small to mid-size projects, a Registered Interior Designer creates easy-to-read drawings. A general contractor and trades get all their information on the same page; nothing is left for them to assume. Therefore, there are no surprises for the homeowner.

A complete set of drawings always includes details and information about materials, finishes, schedules and construction details. A Registered Interior Designer ensures that the end result matches the signed design concepts presented to the client in the first stages of the project. 

In case you are planning an update or renovation that involves construction or demolishing, a Registered Interior Designer may be the best person to help you, and save you time, money and worry. If you are not sure how to go about hiring a Registered Interior Designer, we have plenty of resources and tips about Interior Design!

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