Biophilic design as a guiding principle in this co-working interior

Biophilic design as a guiding principle in this co-working interior

Workplace One is a co-working office space that has redefined the way people interact, collaborate, and network by creating a platform for start up businesses to work alongside one another. It was required that the design facilitate various working styles and redefine boundaries for a diverse group of occupants, while still maintaining a highly functional and deliberate space. 

Interior Designer: Sabrina Giacometti, ARIDO

Design Team: Jessy Helmer, ARIDO; Katelynn Marshall, Intern ARIDO

Design Firm: Straticom Planning Associates Inc.

Photographer: Bob Gundu

There is a duality within the space, as our client is working to maximize the value of each lease while fostering a collaborative working community. The design allows for flexibility in office sizes to accommodate tenant requirements and the future growth of its users. 

Reception desk with the cafeteria style boots and desk behind and biophilic design above

From the outset, our client wanted to redefine coworking spaces by creating a deep connection to the surrounding neighbourhood, while reinforcing an indoor/outdoor connection. In order to create a seamless synergy with nature and its natural elements, we adopted biophilic principles by incorporating extensive greenery throughout the walls, ceiling, and freestanding elements, further promoting a sense of sustainability within the space.

This also led our team to designate some of the space to an outdoor patio, blending indoor and outdoor environments, without leaving the office - bringing to life both a literal and figurative connection to nature. 

Boots seating on the right of the passage and couch on the left

To further cultivate a sense of aesthetic appeal and fluidity within the space, a carpet with an invigorating pattern mimicking nature's organic forms was installed. The space reimagines the way individuals interact through its innovative and relaxed atmosphere as a direct result of its greenery, diffused lighting, and natural sounds. 

A view from inside the meeting room with the circular biophilic design visible on the opposite wall of the hallway through the glass wall

With full height glass partitions incorporated into all office spaces, access to natural light was maximized, resolving any primary lighting concerns. The colour palette of soothing blues, cool greys, and soft cream is gently enlivened with burnt orange upholstery, buttery yellow walls and warm wood textures, all joining together to create a contemporary, refreshing, and comfortable space where the most dynamic professionals and companies can collaborate and flourish.

Sabrina Giacometti

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