Latest outpost hails an exciting new phase for this coffee roaster

Latest outpost hails an exciting new phase for this coffee roaster

Hale Coffee first found their home in the west end of Toronto with their large, industrial-style cafe location where they roasted their own coffee and baked their own fresh pastries. Wanting to expand on their success, Hale Coffee decided to create a fourth location at Bloor & Church St. in Toronto to provide their signature coffee and snacks to this busy Toronto intersection and working professionals. 

Interior Designer: Jude Kamal, ARIDO

Design Firm: Sansa Interiors Inc.

Photographer: Bruno Belli

White brick counter looking towards the espresso machine and wooden wall detail behind that runs all the way to the ceiling above the counter area

It was important that the look and feel between their locations was cohesive. This new location needed to feel like an extension of their main shop, aligning with their signature eco-friendly, sustainable, and client-first design.

Knowing that sustainable materials and environmentally conscious design were important to our client, we went with a very natural and light-coloured palette featuring raw woods, like unstained red oak throughout the entire design. 

Our goal was to keep the locations consistent in style but tried to take it up a notch with the design of the new location. We needed to make this location more than just a cafe, but an experience. Where the customer could walk in, smell the coffee brewing, and see the barista making their order fresh, before finally taking that first sip.

The cafe is both simple and clean, bringing in an earthy feel, including a beautiful peacock mural design, to complement their services and keep the main focus on fresh-brewed coffee.

This location has a jungle-like vibe to bring in a splash of fun and colour. Mr. Peacock is one of the key features and is friends with so many of Hale’s coffee lovers.  Pairing the neutral earthy tones with lots of plants and leafy wall accents, gives this cafe a fresh and natural feel.

Frontal view Mr. Peackock peeking through behind the industrial style wall shelving displaying product

Keeping our approach as sustainable as possible, the concept for this cafe’s interior design was very earthy, natural, and reclaimed. We went the extra step whenever possible to create a minimal environmental impact by choosing to source local, reused materials instead of buying everything new.

As coffee is the centrepiece of this brand, we thought it was important to showcase their espresso machine, so made it the focus of the space in the design. For the base of the counter, we sourced reclaimed brick salvaged from local demolished buildings, and we added in beautiful, modern shelving units to display the coffee and merchandise on top. The menu backsplash adds a unique touch with its plant-infused wallpaper, reiterating the earthy design. It was important that this site was both aesthetic and functional, with stunning front counters that also served as an easy, visual guide for customers to follow. 

A view of the entire coffee shop along the length of the counter that leads towards the other end of the light filled space

Hale Coffee's new location was able to live up to the glowing reputation of their other shops, providing an easy, functional, and beautiful space for coffee lovers to frequent. It is simple, clean, and straight to the point with every square inch utilised to the max.

The design even attracted a lot of attention on its opening day, with people flocking to take pictures of the new site, excited to learn more about the newest java joint nearby. 

All of the small details and larger interior design choices came together to create a cafe that proudly continues the Hale Coffee brand. Our client was beyond satisfied with the final look and we know their customers are satisfied too.

Keep an eye out for more Hale Coffee locations popping up! 

Now, excuse us while we go enjoy our cups of Hale Coffee!

Jude Kamal

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