An interior that expands the horizons

An interior that expands the horizons

As the star attraction of one of the most photographed skylines in the world, it only made sense to make the CN Tower interior just as attractive as its exterior. mackaywong responded to the international invitation extended to qualified design and construction teams, tasking them with the challenge of imagining a completely new visitor experience, that would rekindle the interest within the local community, add necessary accessibility upgrades, and deliver a high impact experience for guests from near and far.

Interior Designer: Ronald Wong, ARIDO; Gordon Mackay, ARIDO

Design Team: Malcolm Choy, Jason Chin, Rei Sosroutomo, Carine Paratian, Kye Lee

Design Firm: mackaywong

Photographer: David Whittaker

View of new glass floor and skypod lobby

In collaboration with the architects, the design team at mackaywong determined that the existing level, consisting of a dated 200 seat restaurant called Horizons, several cramped viewing areas, a staircase leading to the 360 restaurant above, two dark elevator lobbies, and some rundown quick service food and retail kiosks, should be completely redesigned. 

Dining area in the lake hub

A responsive and flexible solution was delivered to address the idea that any event at the CN Tower could be intimate or expansive. The ultimate goal was to create a unified observation experience that prioritizes the view and reimagines the food and beverage format on this level. 

View of lake food and beverage hub

By removing the existing raised seating area in Horizons and eliminating established entry and exit points in, the design team created three highly efficient food and beverage hubs within the interior edge, and optimizing paths of travel around the external edge.

Night view from North view bay with integrated step seating
Night view from East view bay showing the beautiful night views of the city below and a stunning sunset

The new design aimed to showcase uninterrupted views of Canada’s largest and most diverse city, its relationship with the stunning waterfront, and the beauty of Lake Ontario. In response to this central idea, the design team imagined a SKY PROMENADE framed with floor to ceiling glass for unobstructed views, mirrored ceilings, wrapped in a crisp neutral material palette, and bathed in soft coloured light to make the night views of the city an even more exceptional experience for visitors.

Hospitality and retail services were pushed towards the centre of the Tower and integrated seamlessly into the interior. The three food and beverage hubs subtly derive design inspiration from the respective panoramic views of the city and Lake Ontario.

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