Rego Realty was sold on this innovative design

Rego Realty was sold on this innovative design

As the region’s most diverse and robust brokerage, it was only natural for Rego Realty to lead the way in business concept with their headquarters in midtown Kitchener/Waterloo. Guiding the vision of the venture was the unique convergence of services provided by Rego, and the challenge to take a 1970’s old block and concrete building and turn it into an 8725 square-foot  multi-use facility. 

Interior Designer: Adah Noelting, ARIDO

Design Firm: Dfy Studio

Photographer: Brandon Scott Photography

The project’s inspiration came from a strong reaction to the new wave of investors and property owners in the up-and-coming region. The goal of the facility was to streamline the buyers experience and lead them through an educational experience rather than a fast-paced destination. Crucial to the design was a space to house a café, event space, presentation area, coworking, and real estate team workspace. 

We wanted the space to attract people from various backgrounds, cultures, and ways of life. The addition of a locally loved coffee shop within the common space contributed a sense of connection and support to the community. Bringing direction, balance, and harmony to a multi-use space became the biggest design challenge. Fortunately, it was easy for our team to find motivation to work through the demanding criteria because of our client. 

The space spans four floors; the uppermost two floors were designated for the staff workspace and private meeting rooms; the main floor was developed into a public facing space with a fully functioning  café and lounge. The lower level was utilized as a space where condo developers could showcase their materials and finishes to help the process of new buyers in a cozy presentation area. 

Open ceilings and block walls throughout created obstacles in regard to acoustics. Our solution to this was to create custom trellis-like features as well as incorporating acoustic baffles and wall panels to balance the space and define working zones. With the limited amount of natural light, adding an element of biophilia to the design by incorporating moss into the darkest corner of the space, enhanced the atmosphere and added to the overall “wellness” of the office.

This project was about defying the normal process of real estate and bringing innovation, ease, and inclusion. The solution was very clear that this space needed to be an intentional and unique fusion of both residential and commercial elements.

Tailored soft seating, bespoke millwork design, localized reclaimed material, integrated technology, and refined branding are the key ingredients that make this space complete. 

Adah Noelting

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